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Period Underwear VS Disposable Menstruation Products



Period Underwear VS Disposable Menstruation Products

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What is a Period Underwear?

You can find several types of period products these days in the market such as menstrual discs, cups, sanitary pads, period underwear, and tampons. Among these products, period underwear is becoming a popular choice for women over other products.

Period underwear has multiple layers of absorbent polyester. Like the regular panties for daily use, period panties are exactly the same in appearance and are designed to serve the purpose of moisture absorption.

Let’s look at the benefits of wearing period underwear over using other one-time-use menstruation products.

Play a Part in Saving the Planet

The individual woman wears close to 15,000 tampons and pads in a lifetime. And with all the packaging in which these period supplies are packed, it becomes a big load on the environment. This is considerable damage to the environment in the form of waste, by not choosing reusable products like period underwear.

Once used, period pads and plastic packaging goes out to be dumped in landfills – adding to the global pollution crisis. These waste materials can take up to billions of years to decompose, thus the negative impact on the environment is long-lasting.

Convenient to Use

It’s very easy and straightforward to put on period panties. It’s just as if you’re putting on your usual pair of undies, and going about your business. You just need to get used to the fact that your underwear is soaking up blood. Many women now prefer to buy period underwears online as it’s better to get on with their the day without fiddling around with several tampons or pads.

Not Costly

Buying different types of period supplies costs a huge amount of money in the long term but with period underwear, you don’t have to worry about spending much money as these undies are reusable.

More of a Natural Thing

It’s no different than wearing an ordinary pair of undies to wear period underwear. The only thing that distinguishes a regular panty from period underwear is that the period panty is designed to soak up fluids and may feel a bit thicker.

Variety of Styles

If you’ve never tried period underwear, then you may be thinking that it must be uncomfortable, but they’re really not. In fact, they feel much better than pads, tampons, or cups do.

Period underwear is just like any other type of underwear in its availability of colours, styles, and designs.

Much Comfier

Some women feel that pads and tampons are way too much of a hassle and make them uncomfortable. Moreover, they can be bulky and show up under clothes or feel unnatural to wear. On the other hand, with period underwear, you can be 100% relaxed as it feels just like wearing regular panties. Period undies are designed to overcome all the discomforts caused by using other menstruation products.

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