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Must-know 13 Mobile App Development Trends in 2021



13 mobile app development trends in 2021

We all expect so much more from 2021 now, don’t we? We want something new and exciting every day to keep us going. With people spending more time on mobile phones than other fellow humans, the tech companies ought to know what they themselves are competing with the other technological innovations out there. And as the end-user it is essential to keep up to date with the insightful findings with regard to mobile app development that rule the world. You’ll find 13 of the trending mobile app developments that are taking over the world.

1. Internet of Things (IoT):

The concept of the Internet of Things is that tangible objects are embedded with softwares, network, electronics, and sensors that extracts and exchanges data. This was used in operating heavy machinery and such, but now businesses are coming with consumer products such as smart watches, smart fridges, smart televisions, smartphones and even smart air conditioners. Smartphones can switch on & off and also control it from anywhere with internet connection. Smart Homes is a growing business prospect as it involves safety and security.

2. Voice User Interface:

“Siri, Can you play the classical saxophone?” – That’s all it takes to fill your room with someone playing saxophone. The Voice User Interface (VUI) includes Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple and it is said that 85% of people use their voice to control their smartphones according to Adobe Voice Technology Study. And there is a Google voice assistant as well. There are people supporting smart solutions on one side and on the other side there are people who complain about the security issues in controlling a smart device using voices.

3. Cloud-based Application:

Cloud computing has been booming for a long time now and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Your data is not limited to the operating system you use anymore. You can switch devices without having to worry about losing the information you hold. It’s not just about data storage but it is primarily about enhanced security. Everything is password protected and the cloud application is outperforming all traditional operating models.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is one of the most dominating mobile app trends and there is no stopping it. AI differs in concept according to context – From Snapchat automatic filters to face recognition and voice recognition, there are endless possibilities when it comes to AI in mobile apps. And Machine Learning works as a part of artificial intelligence.

5. Chatbots:

The Chatbots are far from being perfect but they are already popularly used by companies to engage with their customers. Facebook Messenger is used as an inspiration for taking customer service a step further using chatbots, and it is said that there are more than 1.82 billion users for Messenger as a standalone app.

6. Mobile Wallets:

There were times that I wanted to personally thank the person who came up with Mobile Wallets. It has been extremely helpful and user friendly and mobile wallet is not only about making payments offline using the app. It can also be used to generate loyal and active customers through bonus/ loyalty points. It increases the app usage. Example: Google Pay.

7. 5G Technology:

The 5G technology is the next phase of the 4G/LTE with extra fast internet connection and it is expected to speed things up with IoT as the transfer speed is increased to 100 GB/s. The 5G technology is a start that could encourage wireless healthcare services, cloud computing, driverless vehicle technology etc.

5G Technology

8. Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality = Mixed Reality:

Augmented Reality is the use of digitally induced visual elements, sound, and sensory stimuli delivered through technology, then Virtual Reality is a three dimensional framework that can be viewed using special goggles or special gloves to get the touch and feel of things.

Mixed Reality is a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality, it is commonly used in gaming companies and devices. Long gone are the gaming days in front of laptops, smartphones and smart television- why would you want to play on those devices when you could play VR gaming console? Not only gaming but also it could be used for trailing furniture, clothes and many more. This could be the future!

9. BlockChain Technology:

Blockchain helps to develop decentralized mobile app solutions which enhances transparency. The main issue addressed is that the development cost is reduced and strong security protocols are ensured as it removes any unauthorized access. Blockchain is used in banking, healthcare, virtual currencies, logistics, travel, and many more.

10. Wearable Devices:

Wearable devices constitute fitness and health tracker, there are leading watch brands that are investing in producing such devices. There are also smart glasses (eg:Vuzix) that has been using AR to enhance navigation performance, even drone piloting. It’s usage has increased and stats reveal that around 22% of the US population will be using wearable devices by 2022.

11. M-Commerce:

M-commerce means buying and selling products using the mobile devices. Online business platforms are fastly adopting mobile commerce from website business. It is important to note that the number of smartphone users consistently increases as the m-commerce platforms increase. Keeping up with the trend will increase sales and affect longevity in the market.

12. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM):

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is used to increase productivity. In a company all the staff use mobile phones, it could increase the efficiency in management, strengthen the security of mobile devices and synchronize the cloud storage used by the employees. The ideas that come under EMM are;

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM)

13. Beacon Technology:

Beacon technology is like a tracking system of goods and services. Imagine you want to buy a watch, and you Google it. When you step out insearch of the watch, this technology directs you to the shops and other product details notification in the app. It also pings you on discounts and offers- this is used to target the right customers and leads to 100% conversion.

We now know that technology is the future and it is slowly taking over the world as we speak. It is essential for the budding businesses to analyze all the available technologies in the market to run a trending and successful business.

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