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Mental Happiness Tips for COVID-19 Isolation or Quarantine



COVID-19 Isolation or Quarantine

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Not only your body but taking care of your mind is equally important while staying at home as a consequence of COVID-19 or coronavirus disease.

You may feel lonely, bored, worried, frustrated, or concerned about your family, health, or financial condition. Remember, YOU are not alone; it is OK to feel this way and reacts accordingly. However, keep in mind this is a temporary situation and will pass on with time. Staying at isolation or quarantine may be difficult, but this is important for your and others’ protection.

Here are some tips and advice shared by Anthony Constantinou that can be good for your mental happiness and coping with the pandemic.

1. Prioritize work and employee benefits rights

Yes work and money are the primary concern for all of us, but frequent thinking or over-evaluation can harm your mental health. Either you are doing work from home or not and knowing about your sick pay and benefits rights are important. Talk to your employer and get solutions instead of worrying, it will help you feel more control and relaxed.

2. Plan practically

While staying at home, we are continuously thinking about our daily essentials. Mentally we can’t relax due to the worries of having everything we need at home. However, to get any household, medical supplies, or discussing any treatment and support with friends, family, or neighbor are helpful to plan things practically and good for your physical and mental health both. Make order by phone, or online via a website or app, connect with your GP, and get everything at home.

3. Be connected

Don’t spoil the relationship as the pandemic is separating us from our normal social routine. Maintaining healthy relationships with everyone is crucial for your mental happiness. By phone, messaging, video calls, or social media, you can stay in touch with friends and family.

4. Physical Activity

Our physical activities put a great impact on how we feel and behave. COVID-19 makes us a little lazy and lethargic as we are moving towards an unhealthy lifestyle that ends up making us feel worse. It’s important to do exercise, home chores, eat a well-balanced diet, drink enough water, and avoid all kinds of intoxicants. Do activities to boost the immune system that directly has a positive impact on your Mental Happiness.

5. Restrict watching news

Restrictions on watching the news, reading, or listening to coverage of the outbreak have a significant impact on our thoughts. What we see or listen, change our way of thinking. Instead of watching, reading, or listening to only the COVID-19 outbreak, use social media for fun activities, play online games, and divert your mind.

6. DO what you love

Feeling worried, anxious, lonely, or low should not make you stop doing things that you usually enjoy. Try to focus on your favorite hobby, it can be anything, from cooking to playing, do things that can still available at home. You can try free tutorials and courses online, and enhance your professional skills. Participate in online pub quizzes and music concerts, this will improve your happiness and help you deal with feelings of anxiety.

Last advice

There are lots of things you can do to improve your mental health. It’s quite frequent to experience short-lived physical symptoms when you are low or worried. Don’t confuse the other symptoms with coronavirus, if you feel anything worse, and then seek doctor’s advice. Don’t forget to follow the guidelines, like wearing a mask, sanitizing and hand washing frequently.


Anthony Constantinou writes articles for health and finance industry, including the current business trends and professional advice. Apart from writing, he enjoys doing social work, charity, love traveling, playing indoor and outdoor games, and loves interacting with all right-thinking people. You can get to his write-ups by typing the word “Anthony Constantinou” into Google.

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