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Is The Nissan Elgrand A Good Car?



Is The Nissan Elgrand A Good Car


The start of production of the car was laid in 2010. Compared to its predecessor, the 3rd generation Nissan Elgrand is slightly larger, richer and more comfortable. As if justifying its main function, this minivan offers, in addition to the standard 7 and 8-seater options, also a VIP modification with only 2 rows of seats and equipped with the latest technology.

Specifications of used Japanese vehicles for sale:

  • The power units are petrol, with a volume of 2.5 liters. and with a capacity of 170 hp, or 3.5-liter, having a capacity of 280 or 300 hp*;
  • Transmission: 6MKPP or 6AKPP;
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4980x1850x1820 mm;
  • Drive: front or full *;
  • Clearance: 150 mm;
  • Body type: minivan;
  • Number of doors: 5;
  • Number of seats: 5, 7 or 8*;
  • Maximum permissible weight: 2400 kg;
  • Tank volume: 75 l;
  • Suspension (front and rear): independent, multi-link type MacPherson;
  • Brakes (front and rear): disc, ventilated.

Cars of this model have always been something like Rolls-Royce or Bentley in the world of family cars, so there is no need to talk about the level of technical equipment and comfort.

In the price range, Elgrand surpassed even the Mitsubishi Chariot. Not everyone can afford it, but you can take into consideration the Nissan Elgrand used car. Equipped with 3.2- and 3.3-liter petrol engines and equipped with full power accessories as standard, sunroofs — openable glass windows mounted in the roof, high-frequency ABS brakes airbags and other achievements more related to computer evolution, the minivan shows that level reached by this Japanese company rival Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Nissan Elgrand A Good Car


The main advantages of the Nissan Elgrand since 2010

Since the Nissan Elgrand was developed exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, domestic owners also receive unsurpassed reliability as a bonus. Here are the advantages you will have, buying Nissan Elgrand:

  • Big sizes;
  • Comfortable and high-quality salon;
  • Comfortableness;
  • Sufficiently high permeability;
  • High reliability;
  • Powerful stove;
  • Excellent road visibility;
  • Versatility;
  • Nice appearance;
  • High dynamic performance.

The comfort of the driver and passengers in this car is provided not only by high-quality materials and elaboration of the interior. Important aspects of getting positive emotions from driving are suspension softness, steering pliability and predictability, good power reserve and quietness in the cabin.

What about the reliability of a Nissan Elgrand used car? You need to understand that this car was made by the Japanese and only for the Japanese. As everyone knows, only the highest quality and most reliable cars went to the domestic Japanese market, so buying a 3rd generation Nissan Elgrand, with careful operation and timely replacement of all consumables, will make you a rare visitor to the service station.

The side pillars are located so that they practically do not obstruct the view on the sides of the car, large mirrors greatly help in changing lanes and parking, and various auxiliary systems (rear-view cameras, parking sensors, etc.) will signal that the driver may not see behind large dimensions of the car. Taking into account all the above, the operation of this huge car on the streets of large cities does not cause you much inconvenience.

If you value comfort, reliability, excellent dynamic performance and do not spare money for petrol, then buying a Nissan Elgrand will be a pleasant discovery for you, especially if you have never driven real Japanese cars before.

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