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Is the MBA Specialization in E-Commerce the Latest Trend?



Is the MBA Specialization in E-Commerce the Latest Trend

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Electronic commerce or internet commerce is an online business, retailing, economics, and marketing. The 21st century is peculiar with the colossal rise of E-Commerces and demand for educational branches such as business, marketing, economics, business economics, and similar studies related to commerce.

E-Business as a broad concept and E-Commerce as its narrow approach are performing eye-catching changes. These changes affect other sectors as well: such as education.

The first online sale was in 1994 through the online platform NetMarket. Nowadays, online sales are part of our life and it is even impossible to imagine our existence without E-Commerce.

Is the MBA Specialization in E-Commerce the latest trend? To answer this question we need to enter in some details related to the issue.

Table of contents

1. Growth prospects of E-Commerce
2. MBA Specializations in E-Commerce
3. Who should do an MBA in E-Commerce?
4. Courses to do to be eligible for E-Commerce jobs.
5. Specialized jobs in e-Commerce for MBA graduates.
6. Entry-level jobs in E-Commerce

Growth prospects of E-Commerce

With the technological revolution of human life, changes occurred not only at the professional level but also at the level of daily life. The appearance of online commerce helped make life easier for many people. The changes in the business market, the changes in people’s mentality, the changes that occurred precisely after the pandemic led us to a situation where online commerce is essential and is an inseparable part of our lives. To understand the growth proposals of E-Commerce we need to consult some statistics.

Statistics on the retail E-Commerce sale online in the US show that in 2015 online sales were 1.548 billion dollars. In 2017 we had sales of 2.382 billion dollars. In 2021 the results are doubled, reaching the goal of 4.892 billion. The growth prospect for E-Commerce by 2024 is believed to be 6.388 billion. (The source:

This growth will probably have a transformative influence on our life in the global context. Technology is not anymore a source of information providing a tool or just a professional task solving machine but a household appliance required at any home.

MBA Specializations in E-Commerce

The Master of Business Administration has been widely promoted during the last decade. This promotion is closely related to the growth of online business and commerce expansion. Every day more and more students continue their studies by completing them with an MBA degree. Here are some MBA specializations in E-Commerce with more demand and outcomes.

  • Business Administration is one of the most popular and broad specializations. Here you get the knowledge on marketing, on how to lead a corporation, you also get important decision-making skills
  • Digital transformation and data science are a must study for freelancers. This specialization will help you transform your business and overcome issues caused by digital sources.
  • General Management is also one of the most popular ones, which gives you general and broad concepts and tools to deal with management issues.
  • Digital business specialization is a guide and experience to overcome digital challenges and develop your business. Here you will get the knowledge of which technology to use in your business and how to use it.
  • Digital Business Management and Administration offers you at once two skills advancing programs.
  • Management Consulting is a branch that encourages you to help clients progress and advance in their businesses.
  • Strategy – this program will offer you skills on how, why, and when to change or develop things. This program is a good option to start making proper decisions regarding the growth or development of E-business.
  • International Management is a program that offers you a wide spectrum of E-Business and ECommerce. It is enhanced with statistics understanding elements and promotes your analytical skill to compare and decide how to adapt a certain E-Commerce to your interests.

There are more specializations, however, all of them have in common the broad concept of business, commerce, and management. It is tough to choose which program fits better to your interests and personality. There are online MBA admissions consulting companies that offer a complete introduction to different aspects of the MBA program you choose and can guide you from the very beginning till the end.

Who should do an MBA in E-Commerce?

An MBA in E-Commerce has some requisites. Students who do not fulfill these requirements cannot enter the program. The first one is that you should be a graduate of a University. You should also check the country requirements for the program. In most US universities to enter MBA programs, you should have some level entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, GMAT, CMAT, and so on.

Nevertheless, the question of who should opt for an MBA degree in E-Commerce is wider. First of all, on the one hand, it is a recommendation to the students with economic or business studies to continue and obtain more specific knowledge on their degree. On the other hand, any university graduate can go for an MBA E-Commerce degree.

These studies not only add new valuable information but also in a very practical way help you to get ready for making effective decisions, analyzing situations, and comparing situations. These skills are essential for professional and personal growth and also for your business advancements.

Courses to do to be eligible for E-Commerce jobs

Online commerce has wide job opportunities. Nevertheless, some skills are needed to opt for a certain position or to start from the very beginning. It is easy to decide to take a course related to online business, commerce, and management. It is not easy to decide which course to take. Professional consulting institutions can help you with your doubts. Here are some options to choose from. These courses offer overall knowledge and give you opportunities to go for an E-Commerce job.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Business Models
  • Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies
  • The Strategy of Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

Specialized jobs in e-Commerce for MBA graduates

After having received An MBA degree it’s time to look for a job. There is a wide opportunity of getting a well-remunerated and appropriate job according to the area of your interest and based on the skills you received from the MBA program.

Human Resources management is one of the most popular positions an MBA degree holder can opt for. Banking and Insurance is also an area to find employment if you are a successful postgraduate. In addition, you can have a look at jobs such as Accounting, Marketing, Online Retail, Retail Supply, and so on.

The world’s giants of online commerce offer wide job opportunities with the possibility to rise in the position. You are acquainted with these companies: Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Apple, etc.

These companies offer Customer Relation Manager, Database Administrator, E-Business Manager or Consultant, and many other job positions and opportunities.

If you are not happy with what the largest companies in the world offer you, you can create your own business and with the knowledge you have received during your studies, make your company grow and succeed.

Entry-level jobs in E-Commerce

The most encouraging thing about the MBA E-Commerce studies is that after having a degree it is much easier to find an entry-level job than with any other degree. Here are some popular entry-level jobs for MBA E-Commerce graduate students and professionals.

  • E-Commerce Associate
  • E-Commerce Data Entry
  • Remote Dispatch Assistant
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Marketing Associate

This is not the full list of the jobs that are offered and refreshed every day. You can choose the job that best suits your personality and your studies. You can also take advantage of the time you are working to learn and grow professionally. Starting as an associate does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time in the same job, in the same position. Learning and training yourself very soon you will be able to change your position and move up professionally.

To finish, studying an MBA E-Commerce degree will help you to obtain levels of professionalism and knowledge that is not possible to obtain with other studies. Your chances of getting a well-paid job grow. You also have all the skills to start your own business. If all these aspects are attractive for you then it’s time to make up your mind and start looking for an appropriate MBA program. It is always very difficult to make a decision when you do not know how to do that, but if you have all the tools and you have all the knowledge about how to start studying, it is time to do it, do not leave what you can do today for another day, maybe tomorrow it will be too late and maybe these opportunities that you have now you will not have them tomorrow.

Good luck!

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