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[Infographic] 15 Best Personal Finance Books



Best Personal Finance Books - Infographic

“Don’t work for money, make it work for you.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Personal finance is all about managing our own finances. This article lists the 15 best personal finance books that will motivate and help readers build a strong financial foundation.

1. The Millionaire FastlaneMJ DeMarco

2. Rich Dad Poor DadRobert T. Kiyosaki

3. The Richest Man in BabylonGeorge S. Clason

4. The Millionaire Next DoorThomas J. Stanley

5. The Total Money MakeoverDave Ramsey 

6. The Automatic MillionaireDavid Bach

7. Money: Master the Game Tony Robbins 

8. The Psychology of MoneyMorgan Housel

9. I Will Teach You to Be RichRamit Sethi

10. Your Money or Your LifeVicki Robin

11. The 4-Hour WorkweekTimothy Ferriss

12. The Intelligent InvestorBenjamin Graham

13. Millionaire Success HabitsDean Graziosi

14. The Millionaire MindThomas J. Stanley

15. The Simple Path to WealthJL Collins

15 Best Personal Finance Books [Infographic]

personal finance books

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