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How to Write a Mission Statement for the Individual?



Write a Mission Statement for the Individual

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A mission statement can be a great life-affirming tool when utilized correctly. It can focus the mind, give purpose and direction to someone who needs it, or, reaffirm someone who already has such direction, but, perhaps, could benefit from a structural statement of intent. A mission statement can add goals and give something to aim for in life, as well as being a great tool to utilize when coping with low points, or even depression.

Mission Statement for the Individual

Particularly useful for businesses, a mission statement is just an effective tool for the individual. This guide will give you some guidance, on how to begin your mission statement, what you should include within it and how to construct/structure it most effectively for yourself.

Things to Think About When Planning Your Mission Statement

To begin planning your mission statement, you will need to write down some key elements you wish to include. These will be the building blocks of the document and the key to a successful mission statement that can be both practically useful and extremely character-building.

Things That You Love About Your Life and Yourself

Know thyself, this is important; you can’t build a successful mission statement without having an honest look at yourself, but, make sure this is positive. A mission statement is a positive thing, not a negative. Make a list, or subheadings, of a few of the things you love about your life and yourself. Be sure to leave some space between the headings as you will be adding to them in the next step.

Sit back and take a look at what you have written; now have a think to yourself about how you could enhance these great things you already have. How can you build and expand upon them to take them to the height of their and your potential?

An Example of an Aim for a Mission Statement

An example of this could be, if you like looking at photos, of people or places; landscapes or cityscapes; anything. You could take that further by perhaps, purchasing a nice camera and advancing to the realm of an amateur photographer. To go even further, you could go to college or take a night class on photography and even go so far as to become professionally qualified – anything is possible.

Do this for each of the things you have listed, then, write, or, include them in a paragraph as to what you intend to do to improve on these things. You should include in this an end goal or at least the goal you set for the moment, as you can rewrite this mission statement if you want to change the goalposts.

Take Your Mission Statement Aims Step by Step

After you have set out your aims for your pre-existing hobbies, past times, or things you love, you need to make a feasible plan of how to achieve them. You should plan this carefully, perhaps in steps, you think you can feasibly accomplish. Don’t overreach; you want these goals to be set high, but, not impossible. If, as mentioned above, you break these aims down into steps, you will gain confidence and a sense of achievement with every step you take. This will in turn make the end goal seem not that distant and ensure you make steady progress towards it, allowing you to retain your initial enthusiasm.

Write a Mission Statement

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Using a Mission Statement to Change Your Life for the Better

Using the above model, follow the same method for anything in your life, that you may wish to change for the better. Even though this might be a negative thing to contemplate, your mission statement will spin it for the better. Once you have written your headers, it’s important to only address these in a positive light and manner; you should formulate a constructive and positive plan to turn these negative points around into positive ones. For example, a mission statement could include something as life-changing as quitting smoking.

Things You Want to Do Before You Die

This is where the fun part kicks in; here is where you can be speculative and write down those life ambitions you have always wanted to accomplish. This can be absolutely anything, from conquering fear to seeing the Great Pyramid at Giza. Again following the above formula, list these aims, then, formulate a plan to realistically achieve them.

Adding a Bucket List to Your Mission Statement

A great addition to a personal mission statement can be “a bucket list.” You can write a separate Bucket List and then include it in your statement. Remember not to make this too far-fetched, these should be achievable aims and always things that are going to add to your quality of life.

Simple Formula of a Mission Statement

This is a very simple formula for constructing a mission statement. Simply writing down key points and then expanding on them, may sound elementary, but, is a very successful tool for getting what normally resides inside your mind, into black and white for you to see and to keep track of your progress.

Keeping Track of Your Mission Statement

The great thing about a mission statement is that it is ever-evolving, the more you live, the more you can add to it and polish what you already have. The most important thing is to take your time, you don’t have to fulfill this all at once, it can take a lifetime to accomplish. But, as you come closer to your goals, the sense of personal accomplishment you will feel, can be immensely character-building and life-affirming. Mission statements can be a great tool for dealing with life crises, as well as coping with low periods of depression. In its essence, a mission statement is a fantastic way to give your life direction, goals, and a great sense of well-being.

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