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How to Take Your Amazon Store to the Next Level



How to Take Your Amazon Store to the Next Level

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Many Amazon sellers are content to draw in an extra stream of income by leaving their stores as they are. They tick over, attracting a dozen or so sales a month and giving their owners a little extra cash in the bank. But what if you could put in only a few hours’ worth of effort to extract a great deal more value form your store? This article is about how you can get there, taking your Amazon store to the level at which it’s your primary source of income.

More Products

If your store only sells a couple of products, it’s unlikely that the brand that sits behind it will sit long in the memory of consumers. It’s only the stores that sell multiple related products – for instance, bike spares, repairs, and accessories – that will see repeat custom and first-time customers exploring more of the products that they have to offer. If you can encourage your shoppers to remember your store simply by hosting more of the types of products that they’re interested in, you may see that the value of the carts they fill at your store increases rapidly.

Better Prices

If you’re content with the profits you’re making from your sales at the moment, that might be because your margin is actually a little too high. Reducing that margin could make your products a little more appealing to web users who are searching for the best-value products they can find online. Make sure you’re not undercutting your rivals by too much, though, as this will make your store seem unrealistic or untrustworthy. Keep prices low, but not too low, to attract higher volumes of sales – generating, in turn, more revenue for your firm.


Another way to rapidly grow your reach and your revenue is by partnering with an e-commerce marketing specialist. Amazon marketers Nuanced Media are experts in getting stores seen by far more people, increasing your share of the market you’re in, and helping provide a more sustainable, larger customer base in the long term. They’ll use all the tricks up their sleeves – many of which are out of reach for ordinary web users – to help boost your traffic, increase your sales, and push your profit margins to new heights.


Building your reputation is a huge part of what can make your store successful. Reviews on your products can mean that new web users who come across your store for the first time feel more comfortable shopping with you. If consumers are searching for products or stores with high reviews only, having those reviews to your name will see you shown to them where some of your rivals may not be displayed. And you can encourage reviews by giving first-time customers an opportunity to win a discount with you if they leave a review on your Amazon store.

There are several ways in which you can take your e-commerce store to the next level, but this guide offers four of the most effective methods to make your store your primary source of income.

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