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How to Stay in Shape During the Pandemic



How to Stay in Shape During the Pandemic

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If you are one of those people who decided to just vegetate at home until the COVID-19 pandemic blows over, we’ve got bad news for you. The quarantine is not a vacation! Thus, you should continue working on yourself and developing healthy routines. On the other hand, the good news is that the Internet is full of useful home workouts. So, what’s the catch? How can you find inspiration to stay fit during the pandemic? Let’s find out.

How To Find The Best Home Workout Routine?

Believe it or not, you don’t need expensive equipment to build muscle or to stay in good shape. On the contrary, bodyweight exercises can provide you with everything you need.

With that said, it is essential to choose a system that best suits your needs. Before you start doing anything, it is crucial to determine your workout goals. By doing so, you will know what type of plan will work best for your situation. The thing is, we all have our specific targets related to fitness. This means that if something works for me, there is no guarantee that it will work for you as well.

Which Muscle Groups Should You Focus On?

The goal is to get you off that sofa. Thus, you should choose a system and adapt it to your needs and preferences. Experts agree that the best way to stay in shape is to perform complex movements. Also, working out three times a week seems to be more than enough for an average person.

When it comes to muscle groups, the best course of action is to divide the exercises into groups for each targeted body area. In other words, you should perform a few exercises for legs, chest, biceps, and so on. Of course, between those sessions, you should do some stretching or cardio.

Examples of the Best Bodyweight Exercises

The key to muscle growth is progressive overload, which means that you need to increase the resistance gradually. COVID-19 pandemic is a unique situation, and it requires creativity and ingenuity. Therefore, try to find ways to incorporate items around the house into your fitness routine.

For instance, a doorway is an excellent location for pull-ups and chin-ups. Likewise, chairs and tables can serve as a dip station. Just don’t forget to first make sure the furniture is sturdy enough to hold your weight.

Squat variations are the undisputed kings of leg exercises. The same can be said about push-ups and dips when it comes to the chest. Additionally, the so-called Russian twist and any of the available variations of planks can help you keep the abs and core in check. Finally, if you manage to keep your diet under control, your six-pack might just decide to show up once the quarantine is over.

Final Thoughts

For centuries, people have relied on bodyweight exercises to develop superhuman strength. In other words, you don’t need a gym and fancy equipment to stay fit.

Home workouts can help you stay healthy, but they will also improve your sleep as well as concentration. So, make sure to create a workout regime and start as soon as possible.

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