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How to Spend Less All Year Long



How to Spend Less All Year Long

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Short of winning the lottery or finding a new job that pays significantly more, how do working adults amend their lifestyles so they’re able to spend less year-round without enduring a ton of financial suffering and deprivation? Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to reduce spending and come out ahead. And, there’s no need to live in your car, give up all luxuries, or go without normal food.

The even better side of things is that all the techniques are simple and can be put in place by nearly anyone. Along with using a wide variety of digital coupons, consumers often verbally negotiate when purchasing big-ticket items. Likewise, for those who owe on student loans, refinancing can be an effective cost cutting approach. Here are several strategies you can implement today, like dropping regular use of credit cards and buying an extended warranty for your car.

Use Digital Coupons

Check out the online coupon sites for products and services you already use. Remember to stick to reputable sites and avoid the ones that ask for a fee to join a coupon club. The best coupon websites make their money from merchants, not consumers. Once you discover a couple of sites you like, visit them at least once per week and collect discount codes to use for online and in-person shopping. Don’t forget to visit the official websites of your favorite stores as well. You’ll often discover online only discounts and special deals that can add significantly to your total savings.

Cut Monthly Expenses

You don’t need to use coupons or special negotiating techniques to refinance student loans and save a significant amount of money every month. Millions of those who owe on multiple loans discover the wisdom of refinancing lay in more lenient terms and competitive interest rates. And when you work through a private lender, the new agreement includes just one payment under a less complex, single agreement. Then, the savings become a permanent part of the new budget and augment each month’s balance sheet.

Negotiate When Buying Big-Ticket Items

When you set out to acquire a new computer, a washing machine, a refrigerator, or some other major item, consider asking for a 10 percent discount off the listed retail price. Many salespeople in appliance showrooms will haggle with you over the point, but you’ll be surprised that many will be willing to offer you five percent off as a compromise. It never hurts to try negotiating on big-ticket goods. Even if the seller flatly refuses, you have lost nothing but a few minutes of your time. This is a good way to discover if you are growing as a person because it shows that you have the knowledge and confidence to not accept something at face value but the maturity and tact to handle the results if they do not go your way.

Buy an Extended Car Warranty

If your vehicle’s original warranty has expired, shop around for low cost extended warranties. Be careful not to purchase extensions from a dealership, as they tend to be overpriced. Instead, check for online sellers of extended coverage policies, compare prices, and read the fine print about what the contract covers in terms of labor and parts. In many cases, you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs with a two-year warranty extension that costs just several dollars per month.

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