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How to Promote Shopify Store on Instagram



How to promote Shopify Store on Instagram

Shopify, one of the leading and most popular e-commerce platforms in the world and has been used by around 1.75 million merchants. In 2020, Shopify merchants had a total of 457 million buyers. Do you even know that there are around 2,297 million websites active on Shopify in 2021?

Since Instagram is one of the most engaged and popular Social Media platforms other than Facebook and Twitter, it is the best place to advertise and promote your Shopify Store on Instagram. Instagram stands out compared to other social media platforms because it offers a lot of features for brands and businesses.

Let’s see first why Instagram is the best platform to advertise your Shopify store

  • Around 60% of Instagram users agreed that they use this platform to explore new products.
  • Every month around 130 million users tap on Instagram shopping posts.
  • 80% of users on Instagram at least follow a single business or brand for their products.
  • 68% of Instagram users have a regular engagement rate with brands (unlike 32% for Facebook).
  • 81% of users accepted that they rely on Instagram for any product or service.
  • 500+ million people use Stories daily and one-third of the most-viewed stories come from brands.

Why your Shopify store should be on Instagram

  • If you have an Instagram Shop for your Shopify store then you can reach a larger audience free of cost.
  • Instagram pictures bring engaged traffic that will help you to build a meaningful community.
  • Utilizing features of Instagram helps to promote your products easily.
  • Through various campaigns and offers, you can improve your customer retention rates and also maintain customer relationships.
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Use Instagram as a marketing tool to direct sales on your Shopify store.

How to Promote Shopify Store on Instagram

Having a Shopify store is not enough to advertise. To promote it on Instagram, you have to have an Instagram business account and a Facebook channel. Once it’s done, you can activate Shopify Instagram and start promoting your brand and products using stories, posts, and other Instagram features.

Now let’s jump onto the step by step process of promoting your Shopify store on the Instagram platform:

Step 1: First thing you have to do is to create your Facebook Channel where you can add the products to your Facebook using Shopify. Once products are added, you can even tag them to your Instagram feeds and stories from your Facebook Channel.

Step 2: Next step in line is to create an Instagram Business Profile for your Shopify store. If you already have a standard account then change it to Instagram from the settings and if you are creating a new account then simply fill the sign-up form and select the Business Profile from the drop-down menu in the settings option.

Note: One cannot sell products online or use the Shopify Instagram Shopping feature without having a Business Profile. Also, the business profile goes for the verification process by the Instagram team which may take 2-3 working days to get approved and qualified.

To take advantage of the Instagram Shopping feature, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have an Instagram Business Profile
  • Instagram account must be linked with your Facebook page that includes your product listing.
  • Instagram shopping feature is not available to every region of the world so check and confirm that this feature is available in your region.

Step 3: As stated above, it takes 2-3 working days to get approval on a Business Profile. Once your profile gets approved, immediately you will be able to view the Shopping option. And by enabling this function, you can promote and sell your products by tagging them in Instagram feeds and stories.

Step 4: Not to skip or underestimate this step as this is one of the most important ones in this process. Capture the high-resolution images and videos of your products to attract customers’ attention. Try to add creative descriptions and eye-catching images to grab customers’ attention. Also, tag products using Shopify links. Keep in mind that Facebook listing and Instagram Product must have the same title.

Step 5: Another way to promote and sell your product is to create Instagram Sell Stories and give brief information about it. Instagram stories are only visible for a day and will disappear after 24 hours automatically on your account.

Above are some of the important steps to add your Shopify store on Instagram.

Tips to Promote Shopify Store on Instagram

Below we have listed some of the bonus tips that can help you in promoting your Shopify store on Instagram:

  • Be creative: To grab customers’ attention try to come up with something unique, authentic, and creative.
  • Optimize Business Profile: Optimize your Instagram profile by adding niche keywords, bio, username, and profile picture.
  • Post regularly: Make sure you post on a regular basis and most importantly post at the peak hours when your majority of followers are online.
  • Choose a theme: To make your Instagram Profile more appealing visually, choose a brand hue or a perfect theme for your feeds and highlights which make a good impression on your followers and other account visitors.
  • Hashtags: Use Hashtags and also engage with the hashtags in terms of comments and follow to market your brand on Instagram.
  • Promotions to drive traffic: Offer deals and promotions to attract more customers and audiences.
  • Offer the best customer service: Make customer service your priority because it is one of the most important factors that has been overlooked by many business owners.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Connect with influencers to promote your Shopify store on Instagram. Influencers will help you to reach more audiences by sharing your brand and products with their followers and audience.
  • Instagram Stories: Use Instagram Stories to drive more traffic as Instagram users interact the most with the stories.
  • Add Link to stories: You can add the link to your Shopify Store in the bio of your profile.
  • Tag products: Create a post and use the feature of product tagging in the feed that will redirect your customers to the product page of your Shopify store.
  • Add CTA: Add attractive and effective Call to Action captions in your post that helps to convert in sales.
  • Reels: Instagram Reels is a great way for marketing strategy. Connect with your audience with this platform by creating reels and sharing your brand story in such short videos.
  • IGTV Videos: Boost your online sales and build the customer’s trust in your brand by sharing videos on Instagram using IGTV videos features. You can also public the IGTV videos of product reviews and video testimonials collected from your loyal customers. You can easily create a more engaged community by collecting and posting customer feedback using IGTV videos.
  • Q/A and Poll: Polls and Q/A are some of the simplest ways to connect with your audience by asking required questions and collecting their responses. These are the best interactive content types and powerful features of Instagram used for marketing purposes.
  • Paid Advertising: A most profitable and effective method to promote on Instagram is Paid Ads or Paid Marketing. Instagram Ads is a great way to display and promote your products and increase conversion rates by encouraging customers with these attractive and creative ads.

Key Takeaway

We hope that now you have got to know everything about how to promote Shopify Store on Instagram. So go through each and every step and tips mentioned above in this article and drive more sales to your business.

Vishal Lakhani - CEO and Magento Solution Specialist at Rock Technolabs with over 10+ years of experience in eCommerce. Apart from blogging and playing with Magento, he loves to read, travel, and learn new technologies that help make the development process easier and more appealing to our clients.

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