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How to Motivate Yourself When Things Are Not Going Exactly The Way You Want It



How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the fuel that drives people to accomplish many great things. It makes them feel almost invincible, especially when things go exactly the way they envision them. Unfortunately, some circumstances can throw even a well-conceived plan in disarray.

When things start crumbling and going contrary to what you expect, you also tend to lose motivation. So, how do you pick yourself up to stay motivated when the things you expected are not exactly falling in their place?

Hit the ‘Pause Button’

The more you try to solve the problem, the more you are likely to fail. You may need to realize that stress often works against your better judgment. Stop whatever you are doing and step back. Try to assess the situation to gain a more objective understanding.

Hitting the pause button does not mean you are throwing away your responsibility. Neither does it undermine the problem. Pausing can help you gain as much insight into different perspectives. You will pat yourself on the back once you realize your problem only requires a simple solution that was there all along.

Find a More Constructive Outlet for Venting Your Emotions

Not getting the pieces to fall into place can be frustrating for many folks. If you feel like you need to vent some of those emotions building up inside, do so in a more constructive manner. It is okay to shout or scream. Ring a friend. Rant on social media. Write in your diary.

However, you vent your frustrations, it should be alright provided you do not hurt others in the process.

While you are at it, make sure to never dwell on the issue for so long. It would be best to look at the venting process as a temporary relief measure. You only want to release all that negative energy. Unfortunately, it will not solve your problem.

Venting your frustrations should not last the whole day. Twenty minutes should be enough to let you gather your wits. The good news is that you will be left with a clearer mind to solve the problem.

Process and Analyze Your Emotions and Thoughts

If you still cannot figure out what is causing the problem after letting off steam, you might want to process both your thoughts and emotions.

Writing in your journal helps. There is an invisible connection between your thoughts and your pen. If you prefer writing in a word document, so be it. What is essential is to find a way to dump whatever is in your brain. Let your thoughts flow onto the pages of your journal or your word document. Practice to listen to your intuition more often, and pay more attention to signs – perhaps when angels try to communicate with you through numerology.

Audio recording also helps. Many professionals use this approach to identify existing themes in their minds. You can use the audio recording function of your smartphone. Better yet, download an app that lets you record your thoughts.

Talking reveals your mind’s content. It can even expose your emotions. Playing back your recording will give you an idea of your current state of mind.

Acknowledge Your Feelings and Thoughts

It is always best to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, regardless of how negative they may be. Never deny the existence of negative thoughts. The more you deny it, the more pervasive your ego defense mechanisms become. It can lead to more anxiety and stress, which can further hamper your ability to think clearly.

Acknowledging does not automatically mean you agree with the problem. It only shows your awareness of the issue. It turns the problem from a subjective issue to a more objective concern, which is a lot easier to manage.

Take a Breather

Stepping back for a while and venting your frustrations may not work for some people. It may not also work for those who may have a more serious problem.

If such is your case, taking a much-needed break helps. Go watch your favorite film with a friend. Take a stroll down the beach. Play with your dog, or try to listen to your playlist. Sometimes, you only need a good night’s sleep to freshen your mind.

Taking a break from what is stressing you can help recharge your mental faculties. Your mind can dispense of the negative psychic energy that is consuming your brain’s energy resources. After the break, you will find yourself more revitalized and more capable of dealing with the problem.

However, this method only works if you are not pressed for time.

Focus on What You Can Do

It is easy to get overwhelmed when things do not go your way. The tendency to self-blame is great. People tend to magnify what they did wrong. While it can help to understand what caused the problem, dwelling on it is never the solution.

Instead of thinking about what you failed to do, try focusing on the things you can do. You can never undo things. However, you can still mitigate the consequences of the problem. It is still possible to salvage some things.

Be conscious enough to look forward. Some things have not happened yet. You can still change the outcome, but only if you focus on what actionable steps you can take.

Find Motivation from Your Accomplishments

One of the best ways to motivate yourself when things start falling apart is by reflecting on your accomplishments. It is always a good idea to look into your past successes, especially those that involve overcoming challenges.

Try to learn from your experiences. There is a good chance you can find the inner strength to persevere in addressing what you are going through now. There is also a slim chance that you have already been in a similar situation before.

If not, you can always find comfort in the fact that you have more accomplishments than failures. Like champions, you can never win it all. However, you were still able to conquer your challenges. Your achievements are proof of this.

Things may not always go as planned. It should never dampen your spirit. There are many ways you can regain your motivation and further yourself towards the achievement of your goals.

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