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How to Look Stylish on a Low Budget – Chic Not Cheap



How to look stylish on a Low Budget

Image by Vlad Bitte from Pixabay

Do you want to look fashionable but it seems difficult for you as you are not rich? If yes, then think twice. You don’t need to be rich to stay classy. Whatever the clothes you love to wear and are fit well to you can make you look stylish.

All you need to stay confident and learn the ways how to look stylish on a low budget.

How to Look Stylish with No Money? This is What You Should Do?

Fashion and beauty trends evolve with time and season to season. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a challenge especially if you are following a limited budget. The key to staying classy is finding the right balance between the new and old, between the novelties and classics.

Follow the below tips to look expensive without spending a fortune.

How to Look Stylish: Clear Out Your Wardrobe

The first thing you should do is go through all the clothes in your wardrobe. Find out what you already have and what you don’t have. While doing so, you will most likely get some of the forgotten dresses you have not worn for a long time. Identify the clothes that are not fit for you or you don’t want to wear for any reason. Sell your unwanted clothes to any charity and use that money to buy the clothes that are on-trend. This way, not only your wardrobe will be clear from useless clothing but you can also buy new clothes without spending money.

Set a Budget

Set a realistic budget for your clothes and stick to it. No excuse for doing so if you are learning how to look stylish on a tight budget. Your monthly budget for clothes mainly depends on the total income, and individual circumstances. However, most financial experts recommend a clothing budget to be set around 5% of your total earnings.

Check for Discount Offers

Shopping for trendy clothes out of season or at the time of clearance is also among the brilliant ways to maintain your chic on a limited budget. While shopping online, search for the online discount codes that are often available in some of the well-known online shopping stores. Availing deals and discounts is a real fun if you are learning the ways how to look stylish on a tight budget? Take advantage of the special offers and buy your favourite brand of clothing at reduced costs.

Shop the Basics

Looking fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean to buy only the latest designed clothing and other stuff. Upgrading your wardrobe with some of the great quality basics is essential to stay classy. Basics set the foundation of your wardrobe. So, invest wisely to buy a fine blazer, white shirt, trench coat, perfectly fitted shoes, and cap that compliment your body. Don’t neglect the quality of stuff to make sure your clothing will last longer.

Check the Return Policy

After buying new clothing, don’t immediately remove the labels from them. Check the return policy of the store and determine how long you can return that dress. Try the item one or two days after buying and make sure the dress you have bought perfectly matches your requirements. Implement this step essentially if you are buying something online.

Wear Pointed Heels or Flats

Women who wear heels or flat shoes with a pointed look seem loudly expensive. Don’t ignore the power of black and nude colour shoes that you can use with every dress. The fit-with-everything feature of these colours’ shoes is what puts them in the list of the most popular wardrobe-essentials.

Things You Should Avoid

  • Buying something on sale whose cost is just reduced negligibly.
  • Buying clothes when you are not completely sure of them and don’t know how to style them. (It’s simply the waste of all your hard-earned money).
  • Mixing your wardrobe’s classic stuff with seasonal accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bangles and etc.
  • Buying poor quality clothes with skimpy stitches as they might tear apart when you wear them the first time. (Double-check the reviews of clothing items especially if you are buying designer clothing).

Smart Ways to Look Stylish on a Budget: Things You Should Keep in Mind

  • Even the most expensive and beautiful dress can make you look horrible. Therefore, it’s always better to make sure the dress fits you perfectly.
  • Make sure to clear your doubt by asking yourself the questions “is it will be comfortable when I will sit while wearing it?”, “is it not too short or long than my original size”. Stay away from them if your doubts remain unclear.
  • Add black colour clothing items to your wardrobe. It’s one of the elegant, classy, and timeless colours that can go absolutely with everything.
  • Invest in buying a pair of good quality and stylish footwear that can really make an outfit.
  • By correlating your shoes and handbag, you can look super chic with the least budget.
  • Wear makeup in a natural way. Applying too much makeup can make you look cheap, so you should wear makeup that can emphasize your facial features without making the beauty products visible on your face.
  • Pick a hairstyle that suits you the best and style your hair fabulously. Remember there is no cheap way than flaunting your hair beauty with a great hairstyle.

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