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How to Give Your Garden More Curb Appeal



How to Give Your Garden More Curb Appeal

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Make your home more appealing by improving your garden and maximising your curb appeal. First impressions are everything – whether you’re looking to sell your home or are simply wanting to make it look more welcoming, we’ve listed some top tips on how to upgrade your garden.

Keep your lawn in good condition

Maintaining a neat and tidy lawn will help to improve the overall look of your home’s exterior. It’s easy to forget just how important looking after the outside is compared to the inside, but keeping your lawn in good condition also has many benefits.

Healthy-looking lawns can produce clean oxygen, absorbing the carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air. They can also contribute to the reduction of stress and improve your overall mood.

A well-kept garden can act as a relaxing haven in the summer months, encouraging us to spend more time outside. It can also act as a great play area for the kids and an ideal spot for summer garden parties.

Install a patio

If you enjoy a little DIY or find yourself quite handy with a toolkit, you could consider installing a small patio which could be used to enjoy BBQs in the summer or general family time out in the garden.

To do this, you’ll need the right equipment to do so, including grinders from suppliers like RS and other power tools. You’ll also need to wear protective clothing, including safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask. Alternatively, call in a group of professionals who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Add a pop of colour

There’s no harm in giving your front garden a little TLC. Adding a few potted plants either side of your front door and enhance your entrance, offering a welcoming feel to your home.

You don’t have to be an avid gardener to do this either – you can purchase plants in containers that are easy to grow, or fake plants that don’t need any upkeep.

Vibrant flower beds can brighten up your curb appeal and provide a modern, fresh look to your front garden. You can easily pick and choose the colours you want and spruce up your exterior.

Tidy up hedges

Perhaps your hedges and shrubs have been neglected and have severely overgrown. To prepare for the warmer months, try trimming and reshaping them to make your front garden look more appealing.

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