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How Start-ups Can Utilize Digital Marketing to Grow their Business



How Start-ups can utilize digital marketing to grow their business

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Startups are the flourishing daily in this competitive business world. And to maximize their brand potential they need a solid social media marketing strategy to place their brand in the right place and the right market. Remember that the digital marketing strategy does not require million dollar investment to market their brands, products or services.

There are certain effective strategies that startups need to follow and maximize their brand potential. Below we have covered a few of them that several new businesses should follow to gain success in their digital marketing strategy. If you are also a new comer in the business world, follow them to boost your digital visibility.

Tips start-ups can follow to boost their digital visibility

1. Optimize the search engine content

Users prefer the content that have a good rank on the digital space. And to achieve that position it is the must to optimize the content according to SEO guidelines. Being a Startups if you follow this principle, no one can stop your content from getting the top position. But the major question is, as a beginner, how will you be able to start?

There is a simple way on integrating long tail keywords or keywords that gives the more traffic on your website. To make this task easier, there are several keyword research tools available that will help you giving appropriate keywords that integrating them in your content gives high volume traffic on your website.

If we talk about reports, long tail keywords have a good dominance in the SEO. It is because 50% of the search engines are of 4 words or longer. One of the leading website got 173,336 more visitors after following this principle. But how to collect reviews and listing in search engines if you have a local business? It is better to optimize your content according to your local search.

2. Regularly updating blogs

Blog is one of the effective content that influence the buying process. Every online visitor likes to read genuine and fresh content about startups business, their product and businesses. So, if you are also a startup and want to grow your brand or products across the worldwide digital space.

One study shows that 47% of buyers require the fresh content, every week. Therefore, it is a must to have an editorial calendar and be the consistent in publishing. According to one market survey, 16 blogs monthly generates 4.5 times more leads than other size content.
However, the regular blogging does not mean publishing any kind of content. Make it more informative that solves users problem and also provide them some data. Guest blogging is one of the effective ways to do so. Inbound links are generated through it and boost your SEOs optimization’s performance.

Blog is an effective tool of content marketing and many content marketers worldwide count on the same to channelize their marketing efforts. Blog posts should be between 700 to 1000 words that you need to publish regularly.

3. Use metric tools to get good results

There are many users who are using mobile devices to purchase online products and to take their services. But there are also some computers in the market. So, how would you determine the successful performance of both devices in the market? It is all about metric tools that gives figures and information about these devices. Likewise, if you are a startup and want to know whether your digital marketing efforts are showing results or not, then take the help of metric tools. Remember that metric tools will not only highlight about certain parameters. But it also give a report card that where you are lacking or where you need to perform?

If you want to make your digital marketing easier, then take the help of metric and analytical tool. There are several online tools are available. Few of them are of free of cost as well. So, use them to analyze the performance and discover what useful can you learn from that reports. However, if you are unable to get the right metric tool, collaborate with web development services providers who develop a good metric tool to give accurate reports on your digital marketing strategies.

4. Invest in the social media marketing

Start-ups can utilize digital marketing to grow their business

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More than 80% of consumers have their social media presence. So, why being a startup you are still stick to conventional marketing mediums. In today’s digital era, social media channels are the best medium to connect with worldwide consumers no matter what language or culture they belong to. Few of the popular social media platforms where you can showcase your brand are

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Being a new business you need to focus on few social media channels. Also, follow optimal digital marketing measures that you need to follow on social media channels are:

  • Developing an engaging and the regular content for your consumer
  • Make most of visuals and graphics to gain engagement
  • Make your content interactive that gains more attention
  • Share industry relevant content to pitch sales in the right domain
  • If required, make most of paid advertising to gain wider audience

If we talk about the market report, it is said that 73% of marketers found social media platforms effective for businesses. Then, you are not an exception and you too have to use social media channels to promote your brand.

Rupesh Pandey is a seasoned digital marketer with about a decade of experience in providing professional SEO Services in India. Rupesh’s expertise in digital marketing has enabled him to work with clients globally on different projects. Presently, at Dgrankers, he handles the entire digital marketing campaign in-house as well as for the clients' projects as a digital marketing specialist.

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