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How Creative Hobbies Can Boost Productivity [Infographic]

Sean Farrell



How Creative Hobbies can Boost Productivity

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

Let’s admit it: We’re all feeling a little bit of fatigue with how things are. That may lead us to be unproductive at work and at home. It can be hard to rally and approach things with a new frame of mind. But there’s something you can do to improve how you feel and how you approach challenges at work and home, and that’s finding a hobby.

While having a hobby can be good for your home life, it can also create a happier work life too. In the opposite of bad stress, hobbies provide good stress, sometimes referred to as eustress. A hobby means that when you have a break, you also have something to fill it with, and having a purpose can be organizing and motivating. And being creative in your free time may also mean that you’re creative at work, too. What else should you know as you pursue a hobby? This graphic explains it.

How creative hobbies can boost productivity

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