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How Boomers and Millennials Should Communicate [Infographic]




Now that Millennials are officially the biggest age group in the workforce, office life is more interesting than ever. The wide variety of ages now includes Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, and all of these different perspectives and backgrounds can be a great asset for any company.

However, it can also cause some issues for business owners and HR managers. Though the difference in viewpoints is great for creativity, it can also cause workplace conflict when younger and older employees don’t see eye to eye. In order to communicate effectively, coworkers must understand the specific values and work ethic styles that are unique to each generation.

Take a look at the the guide from TurboTenant below to learn more about what makes each generation tick, along with strategies for communicating effectively in the workplace.

How Boomers and Millennials Should Communicate

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