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10 Habits You Didn’t Know Were Ruining Your Teeth



Habits Ruining Your Teeth

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

A beautiful, healthy smile is something that everyone deserves to have. Unfortunately, several habits can ruin your teeth and jeopardize your oral health.

Many of these habits are things that we do daily without even realizing it. Frequent snacking or grinding your teeth at night are seemingly innocuous behaviors, but they can have a major impact on the health and appearance of your teeth.

This article will discuss some of the most common habits that are ruining your teeth. We will also provide tips on breaking these habits and protecting your smile.

1. Not observing proper oral hygiene

Slacking off on proper oral hygiene can have dire consequences. By this, we mean doing the following regularly:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Rinsing your mouth after every meal
  • Flossing once a day

It may be tempting to ignore flossing. But you should stop. Flossing removes the food debris between your teeth, where it forms a plaque. It allows germs to grow and gradually destroy your teeth.

Consider getting a water flosser system as an alternative to flossing. It has a powerful water jet to remove debris from between your teeth instead of flossing.

2. Biting your fingernails

As you read this, you’re probably chewing your nails. It’s alright; many of us are guilty of doing it. Most parents have, at some point, advised their children to stop biting their nails. It is because you probably pick up a lot of bacteria from everything you touch throughout the day. Placing your fingers on a minor wound inside the mouth can infect it and make you sick. Therefore, try to avoid biting your nails as much as possible to benefit your dental health.

3. Frequent binge eating

It’s tempting to relax on the couch with our favorite TV show and eat everything after a long day at work. While this is occasionally acceptable, excessive binge eating might harm our teeth and gums. Even if the items are somewhat healthy, they might still result in problems like cavities and bad oral health.

4. Frequent snacking

Another bad habit that could harm your teeth is frequent snacking. The leftover food particles inside the mouth are food for cavity-forming bacteria. It can erode the enamel, leading to tooth decay. To replace frequent snacking, try eating a balanced, protein-rich meal and drinking plenty of water to wash away the leftover food in your mouth.

5. Brushing your teeth harder

Take it easy when brushing your teeth. Doing it too vigorously might harm your gums and teeth. Brush your teeth gently and in circular motions. Use only toothbrushes with soft bristles to protect your dental enamel.

6. Grinding and clenching your jaw

People typically exhibit these tendencies when they are anxious. Some people could start tapping their fingers on a desk, while others might start violently thrashing their legs. But regrettably, other people have much worse habits, including grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws.

This habit, of course, has the potential to start chipping teeth or deteriorating the teeth’s enamel. You must consult your dentist to learn alternatives for minimizing or eradicating the issue. You might even need cosmetic dentistry to restore your teeth.

7. Using your teeth to open packages

Many people use their teeth to open items because it can sometimes be hard to find scissors. Though it might seem harmless, tearing open plastic packaging not only cuts your gums, it can even lead to damaging your teeth.

8. Smoking or chewing tobacco

People continue to use tobacco products daily despite overwhelming evidence of their risks. It is frequently viewed as an addiction due to the chemicals present in tobacco. If this does not stop, it might result in many health problems, from cancer to decayed teeth.

9. Chewing or biting foreign objects

Most of us have nibbled on the tips of a pencil or eyeglasses while paying attention to a challenging activity. The teeth may shatter or shift due to the intense pressure they might provide. You might need Invisalign attachments to straighten your teeth. Also, these items may include microorganisms that cause oral infections. Chew vegetables or sugar-free gum rather than inanimate objects to keep your mouth busy.

10. Heavy drinking

Alcohol can dry out the mouth, which makes it difficult for saliva to wipe away bacteria, resulting in foul breath and an increased chance of getting cavities in your teeth. Alcohol is also acidic, which causes the enamel to erode. Drink alcohol moderately. Limit your alcohol consumption to one drink a day for women and two for men. You can also try substituting alcohol with fizzy tonic water.

It’s critical to understand the behaviors that could damage your teeth. Brushing too hard, using your teeth as tools, and eating sugary foods are just a few habits that can damage your teeth. One of the best ways to handle these problems if you are concerned about the condition of your teeth is to speak with your dentist immediately.

Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle is dedicated to delivering the best possible patient care. She is a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation in Scottsdale. She understands the anxiety related to dental care and has made it her goal to deliver treatment in a relaxing environment. Outside of the practice she enjoys spending time with her husband Garrett and their three young children. She loves any time spent outdoors, cooking, exercising, and any do-it-yourself project!

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