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Guide To Buying And Wearing a Summer Kaftan Dress



kaftan dress

There is no denying that summer kaftan dresses are beautiful and the perfect outfits for hot summer days.

The main draw being that you can wear them almost anywhere. You can wear them when lounging at home, going to the mall, or even when going on a picnic at the beach.

Is this the first time you are buying the outfits? You shouldn’t buy just any outfit—you should take your time and buy the best one for your needs. This calls for you to consider several factors when making the purchase. Some of these factors include:

The fabric

What is the fabric used in making the outfit? This is an important factor to pay attention to when making the purchase.

Kaftans are made from different materials such as cotton, silk, and plenty of other natural fabrics. It’s up to you to choose the fabric you want.

Your choice should be influenced by where you want to use the outfit. If wearing it to the beach or taking a casual outing on a hot day, go for a kaftan made from natural fabric such as silk or cotton.

The cool thing with these fabrics is they absorb sweat, which comes in handy at keeping the body cool even on a hot day.

If looking for a kaftan to wear to an evening party, go for one made from fabrics such as georgette, satin, and rayon.

Length of the caftan

Kaftans come in all sizes and lengths, and it’s up to you to choose the most ideal for your application. Again, the choice of your Kaftan depends on where you will be wearing it.

If you want an outfit to wear to the office, go for a medium-length printed Kaftan.

Do you want a Kaftan to wear to a casual outing? A short Kaftan will do while a long kaftan (at least mid-calf length to floor-length) will be ideal when going to a formal event such as a beach wedding or cocktail party.

Type of Kaftan

There are all types of kaftans in the market you can go for, and you should be cautious and ensure you get the right one for your needs. Some of the popular types you will come across include:

Open: These are the first kaftans that come to the minds of most people when they think about kaftans. These kaftans are obviously open (from their name), and one of the best places to wear them is on the beach, where you wear them as swimsuit cover-ups.

Fitted: Original kaftans were made to hang loose from the body, but currently, there are fitting styles that are narrow around the waist and they significantly flatter your figure. There are even some designs that you can belt with a tie or wear with an eye-catching corset belt for a church event or a day in the city.

V-neck: While most kaftans are made in conservative styles, it’s not the case with V-necks. These are designed to give you an inviting look meant to complement but not expose your assets. They are best worn in warm, casual settings such as a day in the pool or a family barbecue.

Dual-layer: From their name, these kaftans have two layers: a solid first layer and a second transparent outer layer that gives the outfit an exquisite look. These outfits are often made from one solid color, but designers will sometimes add jewels, lavish trims, or embroidered colors to make them more appealing.

As you can tell, these outfits are excellent to wear when attending a formal event.

Valuable tips when wearing a Kaftan

You can pick the best kaftan, but you will look odd and out of place if you wear it improperly. Would you like to look the part when donning your cherished kaftan? Consider these tips when wearing the outfit:

Wear the right bag

Due to their loose fit, kaftans tend to look oversized. Since the aim is to create harmony and balance, wear the kaftan with a small purse and bag. If going to an evening party or formal occasion, wear the outfit with a small clutch.

Avoid carrying a large bag but if it’s the only one you got, ensure that it matches the color of your dress.

Wear the right shoes

The beauty of kaftans is you can wear them with any shoe depending on the look you want to create. From wedge sandals to a pair of high heels, you will look the part.

The only caveat is you ensure that you wear the shoes at the right places. For example, it will be odd wearing a kaftan with high heels on the beach but it will be completely okay and in fact people will complement you wearing the same shoe and the same kaftan to a wedding or evening party.

Wear the right accessories

There is nothing wrong with accessorizing your outfit, but you need to do it right. If your kaftan has shiny embellishments, take care of the accessories you wear as you can easily overdo it, and you give off a bad vibe.

If your kaftan is plain with no fancy prints, you will have a blank canvas to play with but even at this time, be cautious of the accessories you choose.

If you aren’t sure about the right way to accessorize your kaftan, get the input of an expert.

Parting shot

Kaftans are one of the most versatile outfits in the market, and anyone can wear them and look the part.

Sometimes you have to layer the outfits with other outfits, especially when going out on a cold evening or wearing a short kaftan.

If wearing a sheer kaftan? Layer it with a long or cami slip that is the same color as your skin tone. You can also wear a solid-colored pair of jeans and camisole.

If donning a short kaftan, layer it with skinny jeans or a pair of pantyhose. If going out on a freezing evening, throw in an extravagant fur coat to look like an African loyalty.

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