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Five Amazing Stage Theater Careers to Consider in 2023



Stage Theater Careers

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Working in theater is a unique experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere. How often do actors get to hear their audience’s adoration while they are performing? Where else can sets and costume design get such attention? The theater is a truly wonderful space that takes up generations of tradition. People have been putting on performances since humanity started. Working in theater is carrying on that tradition.

There are so many amazing roles in theater as well, giving you many great options regardless of where your individual skillset lies.


Everyone wants to be an actor. It’s what most people who go to drama school dream of, which means it is also one of the hardest roles to get involved in. That’s why, if this is your dream, you need to start small and take any chance you get. Don’t just limit yourself to theater roles. Get experience everywhere. Do commercials, live reenactments at museums, children’s parties, PSA organizations, and so much more. You need to transform into a character, build up a network, and audition, audition, audition.

Makeup Artist

Makeup is one of the most important elements of costuming in theater. With makeup, you can help each individual actor’s features stand out, even to audience members in the back row. Add in the fact that you’ll also be responsible for any creature characters, and your work will really determine the tone and feel of the production. A great MUA will help draw audiences in! To get started, you’ll need theatrical makeup supplies and, most importantly, start to work on creating a portfolio of specific stage makeup looks, from standard pretty looks to amazing special effects makeup.

Set Designer

The sets can really transform a theater production. Unlike with television and movies, however, there is no chance of a touch-up with CGI at a later date. There are no neat camera angles or tricks to hide the background. With the theater, it’s all about creativity and innovation. How can you convey the action and the story and do it through wholly physical items? If you love creating art and are a true problem solver, then this career is a top pick for you.

Costume Designer

Theaters use regular, everyday clothes all the time. They also have specific costumes made just for the production. Add in the fact that sometimes clothes need to do something extra, like hide a wire or pull apart for a joke, and there are plenty of everyday tips, tricks, and challenge that a costume designer will have to go through. If you love all types of fashion, from modern to elaborate ballgowns, however, then this can be the perfect field for you. Don’t just look into theater, either. Ballet, opera, and even museum performances all need amazing costume designers on hand to bring their vision to life.

Sound Designer

Sound design is one of the intangible but critical elements of any theater production. Great sound does the job. It helps everyone in the audience hear everything crystal clear. Great sound also includes sound effects, music mixing, and more. You can be the person who balances all the sound in the production, can be a musician, or can be the person who creates the sound effects off-stage.

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