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Existing Home Vs. Newly Constructed House: Which is The Best Choice



Existing Home Vs. Newly Constructed House Which is The Best Choice

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Do you plan to acquire a house?

Are you torn between getting an existing home and a newly constructed house?

To appease your dilemma, let us enumerate the pros and cons of your buying escapade.

Then, you decide which home is the best choice for you and your family.

Benefits Of Existing Home

Buying an old home has a lot of perks for you and your family.

Old Age Structure

Older homes usually take the old age structure. It has a remarkable architectural character that attracts homebuyers and guests. Sometimes, the design brings out the wealth of the people who live in it.

Furthermore, every detail in older homes is meticulously designed. The goal is for the house to withstand many storms and other calamities. Thus, making it stand out from a newly constructed house.

Large Expanse

Before, lands were way cheaper. Home buying and construction are more convenient. Planning out the house layout is easier.

It is no surprise why many existing homes are expansive. Most of the time, the lots can accommodate garages on alleyways. There are even older homes with side, front, and backyards.

Respected Community

Existing homes have established neighborhoods. People living in it take high regard for the whole area.

Existing homes have a high value of preservation. Homeowners and the whole community abide by the law to maintain it. That’s why changes are unlikely to happen.

Central Location

The majority of the existing homes are closer to the city center, such as a DMCI townhouse. The builder’s goal is to keep everyone’s needs within their reach.

Locals can easily walk within the neighborhood. Get anything they want and need without the hassle of traffic. Restaurants and antique stores are easily accessible.

Disadvantages Of Existing Home

Despite the magnificent advantages of living in an existing home, some drawbacks are inevitable.

Extra Maintenance

Living in an existing home requires additional maintenance. Aging also occurs in constructions. So, it is necessary to check every nook of the house before securing the deal.

Take time to check the floors, chimneys, and even stone foundations. One slight slope or crack can break the deal. Or demands further attention in the future.

Electrical Issues

An existing home might not be compatible with modern standards. Therefore, necessary replacements of wirings and cables are a must for the family’s safety.

Homebuyers must seek electric professional help. Without the proper assistance, the danger is inevitable for the family.

Outdated Appliance

Depending on the construction date, some existing homes require upgrades. An HVAC system is just one to consider. Refurbishing the kitchen and bathroom is also another matter.

Remodeling the house based on your preference is not new. Would you prefer a functional or a trendy update?

More Expensive

Existing homes take a central location centrally. The area itself often deems to be costly. The charm of the classic and vintage homes always comes with a price.

Also, necessary renovations are inevitable. It is another expense you need to consider.

On top of that, convenience is another factor. So, assess your budget wisely. Then, determine if the house is genuinely worth it.

These are the pros and cons when buying an existing home. Weigh your options wisely before finalizing your decision.

Nevertheless, there is still another choice like the newer homes.

Benefits Of Newly Constructed House

Nowadays, newly constructed houses take over the market. Let’s find out why.

Lesser Improvement

A newly constructed house like buying property in Philippines means everything is the latest. The warranties will not outlast. The appliances are up to date.

Also, spending on unnecessary repairs and replacements is the least of your concern. Homeowners can guarantee that fixtures can last up to 10 or 20 years.

Modern Comfort

The advanced conveniences come with the newly constructed house. HVAC systems, built-in dishwashers, and smart appliances are just some of the perks.

Some new homes even feature lifestyle rooms such as workout and media rooms. It is like everything you ever need is within your home.

Follows The Code

As of today, new construction cannot proceed without approval. In addition, it must conform to the current building codes. And it must follow the protocol established by the municipality.

These codes bring out the best newly constructed houses. It ensures the safety and security of every family living in a brand new home.

More Affordable

Newly constructed homes come after the current trend. Therefore, it does not require the customization needed. That’s why the price is lower, even if it stands in a similar location with existing homes.

Disadvantages Of Newly Constructed House

Even though many prefer buying a newly constructed house, some are still hesitant to buy one. Check out these reasons.

Identical Floor Plans

Typically, planned communities stick to a standard exterior design. Builders seem to like all new houses to be the same. Planning and construction are uncomplicated if done this way.

The finishes change all on the homebuyer’s preference. If you prefer to be noticeable from your neighbor, prepare for the post-purchase painting costs.

Lengthy Travel Time

A newly constructed house in the suburban area has plentiful land. However, it is far from the metro. In the end, it prolongs your daily agony of commute and traffic.

On the other hand, buying new homes in the city offers little outdoor space. High-rise condos and in-fill homes might be closer to urban life. However, it provides smaller lots for you and your family.

Poor Landscape

With the continuous building of houses and condos, mature trees are lesser in number. As a result, it is often the victim of new construction sites.

As a result, newly constructed houses have deficient shade during summer. It offers lower protection against the wind in winter. And it is more difficult to block out noises from traffic.

Waiting Time

The majority of new homes are ready for occupancy. However, homebuyers still need time before moving in. A thorough checkup of the structure and paperwork is a must.

Some homebuyers jump right out to seal the deal. However, being reckless for any investment is never advisable. Or else, it might lead to trouble you don’t want to encounter.

A newly constructed house is undoubtedly beneficial for every family. Nevertheless, you always have to outweigh the pros and cons before finally securing a purchase.

It is no surprise why buying a house is quite confusing. Both the existing home and newly constructed house have their perks and drawbacks. It is all up to you and your family which one you prefer. Think about your life 10 years from now. It will surely help you decide which among the two is the best choice.

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