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Everything You Need to Know About Staying at an Eco-Friendly Hotel



Everything You Need to Know About Staying at an Eco-Friendly Hotel

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Traveling leaves a carbon footprint. It’s impossible to reduce your carbon footprint to zero. But there are ways you can reduce it.

There’s no reason why you can’t travel in an environmentally friendly way. With eco-friendly hotels on the rise, traveling is greener than ever.

Most people don’t know what an eco-friendly hotel is. If they do, they often don’t understand their significance. Here is what you need to know.

1. They’re Just as Nice

Most people have the wrong image of eco-friendly hotels.

A lot of people think that eco-friendly means a rugged campsite.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Eco-friendly hotels have the same amenities of normal hotels. They just make sure that they source them in an environmentally friendly way.

Whatever you need, you can find an eco-friendly hotel that offers it.

Whether it’s a pool, sauna, or good restaurant, most big cities will have an eco-friendly hotel offering what you need.

In fact, there is a rise in luxury eco-friendly hotels.

The hospitality industry is picking up on the fact that people are becoming more environmentally inclined.

The luxury hotel industry is tapping into this.

2. They’re Environmentally Friendly

This goes without saying, but it’s true.

Eco-friendly hotels are better for the environment.

Here is some information about why eco-friendly hotels are good.

These hotels usually source from local businesses. This means the restaurant will serve local foods and specialties. The soap and shampoo will probably be from a local producer.

The water and electricity systems will be self-sufficient. Or they won’t use non-renewable energy sources.

The parking lot will feature plugs for electric vehicles.

Most eco-friendly hotels offer bike rentals and are easily accessible by public transportation. You can even walk to most of them.

Waste is reduced if not eliminated.

This means there might not be disposable items or plastic in the rooms. Don’t worry, you can still throw your own things away.

When you think about it, eco-friendly hotels just make sense.

3. They’re Great for Groups

Most eco-friendly hotels are designed for large groups.

If they don’t cater towards groups or business travelers, they can usually accommodate them.

In fact, environmentally conscious hostels are on the rise in Europe. These are great for bachelor or bachelorette parties. You can often rent out an entire room for your group.

Encourage your friends and family to go green.

An eco-friendly hotel is a good way to help them make that first step.

Many people think that eco-friendly hotels are more expensive than ordinary hotels. That’s not always the case. In fact, they can sometimes be cheaper!

That’s because, in the long run, going green is cheaper.

The earth will eventually run out of resources. Using green energy is expensive in the beginning. But once you can become self-sufficient, it’s a lot cheaper.

Most hotels offer group rates at great prices. You should take advantage of this.

You’ll be doing your group and the world some good.

4. Greenwashing is a Problem

Not all hotels are eco-friendly.

A lot of hotels will say they are green when they really aren’t.

It can be hard to keep track of which hotels are and aren’t. Here is some information about how to tell if a hotel is actually environmentally friendly.

Not replacing your towels or not cleaning the room simply isn’t enough. They need to use renewable energy, recycle their water, and have a sustainable business model.

Most corporate hotels or large chains are not eco-friendly.

It’s simply not possible to be environmentally friendly on such a large scale.

Stay informed and choose wisely.

5. There’s Not Enough of Them

People want to stay in eco-friendly hotels.

But there aren’t enough of them out there. There is a huge gap in this market.

The more eco-friendly hotels you stay in, the more there will be in the future.

Hotels need to know that consumers are interested.

Send a signal to the hospitality industry with your money. Invest in the planet’s future.

Otherwise, there might not be any hotels to stay in.


There’s no reason why you can’t be environmentally conscious and travel. Staying at an eco-friendly hotel is a good place to start.

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