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Different Types of Badge Holders You Can Buy Online



Different Types of Badge Holders You Can Buy Online

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ID cards have made it easier for companies to identify employees and contractors on the spot. So they issue such cards to every new employee joining the company. Along with the ID cards, the companies should also hand out a badge holder of their choice. There are several advantages to using such holders with ID cards.

In this article, learn about the different types of holders available. First, you need to select among these options. Therefore, you’d also have to learn about the pros and cons of each type.

Why are Badge Holders Important?

An ID card is a useful piece of paper that contains vital identifiable information about the person. Employees are supposed to wear it all the time at work. But the cards are often fragile and prone to damage. To protect them, badge holders are an excellent option. These wrap around the ID cards and keep them secure from extreme environments. This will increase the longevity of the ID cards and prevent reissuing cards now and then.

They also prevent misplacement of ID cards. Employees will be better aware of where they have stored their respective cards.

Depending on the material and the type of badge holder you’re selecting, you can expect added benefits like waterproof and chemical-proof. Some of the major types of holders are mentioned below.

Types of Badge Holders

When you’re in the market for badge holders, you’ll realize that there are different types to choose from. Below are some of the most prominent types:

Vertical Armband ID card holder

This is the most popular option if you’re looking for a hands-free ID card holder. The Vertical armband ID card holder sits on your arm, near the biceps area. There’s a strap that goes around the arm. The badge holder is towards the outside, allowing anyone to see the ID card and recognize the person and his designation within the company.

It’s popular among law enforcement agencies and military personnel, who have both of their hands engaged most of the time. If your employees work in such situations, then consider getting the vertical armband ID cardholder.

Waterproof ID badge holders

Another type of ID cardholder that’s popular among companies is the waterproof versions. This is a proper ID badge holder that you see used by employees of most companies.

A strap goes around the neck and holds the ID card in front of the person wearing it. But the main selling point is that the badge holder is water-resistant. So it will repel any liquid that’s spilled on it, thus protecting the ID card from water damages.

Rigid plastic holders

There are different types of plastic available, which range from soft to hard. Soft plastics are those used for wrapping biscuits or cakes. Hard plastics, on the other hand, are the ones that can withstand harsh environments and treatments.

Acrylic or Polymethyl Methacrylate plastic is an alternative to glass. They’re shatter-resistant, transparent, and lightweight. Mixing with other materials can make this plastic abrasion-resistant, non-glare, and even bullet-proof.

Similarly, Polycarbonate hard plastic is tough, transparent, and stable. In addition, it is thirty times stronger than acrylic.

PVC holders

As opposed to the above two plastic types, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is flexible and rigid at the same time. So these can bend if necessary. Employees will find it easier to store the ID cards if they require folding. PVC is also cost-effective and easy to process. Couple it up with the fact that they’re durable, and you’ll realize why this plastic offers the best return on investment.

Besides the cardholders, PVC plastic is used in a wide range of things, from bottles to construction materials.

Eco-friendly badge holders

Some badge holders are made from eco-friendly materials. So these will degrade when you dispose of them rather than staying in the environment unaltered.

The Bio-PVC and PET-G are eco-friendly materials that are used in these badge holders. They have, more or less, the same features as other plastic types. The only difference is cost because eco-friendly plastic tends to be pricier.

If your company is more caring for the environment, consider buying eco-friendly badge holders.

Consider Type of Badge Clips

Along with badge holders, you’d also have to purchase badge clips. These clips allow employees to attach the ID card to their clothing or badge reels.

Primarily, there are three types of badge clips, namely, vinyl, magnetic, and plastic. Vinyl badge clips are the most convenient ones that allow for easy snapping and attaching. Magnetic badge clips are for those who prefer not to use pins or clips. Finally, plastic clips are for those who prefer a low-cost option.

If you buy in bulk, you’ll avail the best cost and discount. So select the most appropriate badge holder for your case and purchase accordingly.

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