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Detox And Medical Detoxication: Benefits and Harms for the Body



Detox And Medical Detoxication Benefits and Harms for the Body

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Detox programs are often considered by people to be an ideal way to cleanse the body and believe that they can help you lose weight fast. The peculiarity of this method of cleaning is that you need to spend a minimum of effort, and the result, as promised, will be maximum. However, not all detox drinks are beneficial, and a long-term detox diet can negatively affect your health.

There is also medical detoxification for alcoholism, which is widely used. It is an infusion therapy (drip), plasmapheresis and ozone therapy. The undoubted advantage is that these procedures are carried out under the strict supervision of specialists, so any excesses are excluded. At the same time, in order to detoxify the body with alcoholism, you need to find detox center near me on AddictionResource, come to the hospital and spend some time there. However, some clinics practice medical detoxification at home, which is very convenient.

Detox is a way to cleanse the body of toxins, but can popular drinks actually do that? Is it useful to drink detox cocktails, or do they also cause harm? These are the questions we will answer in this article.

What is detox?

By the term detoxification, doctors mean a system of procedures and diet that will help remove toxic substances from the patient’s body, poisons that got into it, will help to improve digestive processes.

What is important to know and remember: in our body there are at least 4 organs that perform the physiological function of detox – the skin, liver, kidneys and intestines. That’s what we should take care of every day, and especially if there is a desire to be healthy, live long and have a slim figure.

But when we hear the word detox near me, we immediately think about juices, detox water, diet, cleansing, and so on. Non-medical detox programs are a very successful business. People always want to get rid of dirt and negativity. Especially in such an easy way as a week to drink juices.

No one will be surprised by the fact that detox drinks promote weight loss. But this is not because the body gets rid of excess.

It would be amazing not to lose weight with a minimum of calories in the diet. However, losing weight with detox is ineffective. A person loses weight not because of cleansing from toxins and toxins, but because it consumes very few calories and simply loses water. After detox, all the weight will return, because you will begin to lead a normal life.

No detox system will help you stay healthy if you eat all kinds of junk food, drink alcohol regularly and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

Moreover, the abuse of detox drinks can have an extremely negative impact on your health and well-being. Therefore, before ordering a course of detox cocktails – consult your doctor.

All detox programs are designed exclusively for healthy people. Are you sure you are healthy? When was the last time you took tests and underwent a medical examination?

It’s very easy to ruin your health

With detox programs, you can very quickly get health problems and exacerbations of chronic diseases such as gastritis, acidity disorders, kidney or bile problems. It will be more effective to adjust your diet and daily routine.

It is possible to do one unloading day a week on the same strips or juices, but it is necessary to approach it wisely, instead of to eat before and after. For carnivores – make yourself a vegetarian day, it will be a super detox for you.

There is an alternative to detox drinks. And you can cook it yourself at home. In particular, we are talking about the strip. If we talk about detox juices and strips, the difference is that in the strip we use whole fruits. Fiber promotes longer digestion of the product and it does not raise blood sugar levels so sharply. And it is useful for the intestines and bacteria that live in it and are responsible for our immunity.

Of course, there are vegetable juices, where very little sugar. But the fundamental difference is in the fiber.

Medical detoxication

If you regularly consume alcohol, the body will accumulate harmful substances in such quantities that it will dramatically affect human life. Organs can not withstand such a long load, so there will certainly be complications in their work, the consequences of which will quickly surface. That is why alcohol detox is so important, which we will talk about now.

How does detoxification work after alcohol consumption?

The main task for detox facilities near me is to cleanse the body of toxic elements that are formed by the decomposition of ethyl alcohol. The best option is to completely give up alcohol, but if it is too difficult for a person, then after drinking alcohol, the body should be detoxified from alcohol in the following ways.

  1. Drug treatment. Absorbents, antihypoxants, salt complexes, vitamins, sedatives, hepatoprotectors – all these substances will not only help remove toxic substances from the body, but also protect the nervous system and liver from deformation after an excessive dose of alcohol.
  2. Detox program. Visit saunas and baths, find detox centres near me, determine the right level of exercise, develop a special detox diet and meditate. Such detoxification after alcohol is extremely popular among citizens who have been able to overcome alcohol dependence. Moreover, this program contains fewer contraindications, as it does not use drugs.
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