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Common Signs of Drug and Substance Addiction



Common Signs of Drug and Substance Addiction

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There is no denying the fact that drug and substance addiction has taken a toll on many people. Going by recent research findings, it is clear that drug and substance addiction cuts across every age group. The belief that this menace only affects the youth is no longer applicable. If the relevant stakeholders and authorities charged with the duty of curbing drug and substance addiction fail to act swiftly, then it is clear this situation will only worsen in the days to come. One of the best ways for victims to get help is by walking into a drug rehab center and requesting help. When a victim is seriously affected, close friends and relatives are always advised to escort such a person to a rehab center.

What are the signs that someone is suffering from drug and substance addiction?

Nothing is worse than watching a friend or relative slide into substance addiction. In some cases, it might even be you who is undergoing this painful ordeal. No matter the case, it is important to understand some of the signs and symptoms that accompany this condition. In doing so, a response can be coordinated to avoid further destruction. Here are common signs and symptoms of someone dealing with drug and substance addiction:

Small physical symptoms – By looking at someone’s physical appearance, it is easy to tell whether a person is addicted to drugs and substances or not. A victim of drug and substance addiction will have bloodshot eyes with dilated pupils. The skin texture of an addict will tend to have frequent and abnormal puffiness with a pale color. Common physical signs that indicate drug and substance addiction also include and are not limited to; slurred speech, frequent sniffling, and persistent itching in a specific part of the body.

Depression – Most of the victims of drug and substance addiction exhibit an attitude of hopelessness. They believe that the solution to most of the problems they are facing is to end their lives. The more they sink into addiction, the more they give up on life and their ability to overcome addiction. Because of this, they will contemplate committing suicide to put everything to rest.

Agitation – People battling with drug and substance addiction tend to get worked up very easily. Since their judgment is impaired, they get irritated quite easily and tend to overreact to non-complex issues. When you notice such behavior in anyone close to you, maybe it’s time you advised them to go into a rehab center.

Memory problems – Memory loss is a clear indication that someone is suffering from drug and substance addiction. Most people who suffer from addiction problems forget things so quickly. It even becomes difficult for them to recall important events and occasions in their lives. In extreme cases, drug and substance addiction victims fail to recognize the date and may easily be overtaken by events. Speech and communication can also be affected by memory loss. So when a speech problem arises, bring them to an adult speech therapy to overcome communication hindrances.

Diminished self-esteem and self-worth –  The continued use of drugs and substances leads the victim to have low self-esteem and disregard their self-worth. A drug addict will take offense to anyone on the assumption that they are being looked down upon. They lack the confidence to express themselves clearly and consciously. This is always an indication that someone’s sense of worth has diminished during the overuse of drugs and alcohol.

Inability to focus or concentrate – If a victim of drug and substance addiction will find it difficult to do, concentrate. Their concentration span is always short, and they get distracted quite easily.

Final remark

Dealing with drug and substance addiction is not an easy task to accomplish as an individual. As a drug and substance addiction victim, it is vital to seek help from a drug rehab center. Since most drug rehabilitation centers are equipped with appropriate machinery and a qualified workforce, there are high chances for the victim of drug and substance addiction to recover fully.

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