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Commercial Entryways: The Right Gate for the Right Place



Commercial Entryways The Right Gate for the Right Place

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Both commercial and residential gates serve multiple, different functions. It is important to first determine what purpose the gate will serve if you are to make the right choice. For the most part though, gateways in general are supposed to serve the two primary functions of allowing entry/exit and providing security. We will dig a bit deeper to find out what the options are, and which type of gate would be best suited to serve what function.

Bi-Fold Gate

Twin-fold or bi-fold gates are easy to lock down and open quickly, which is certainly an advantage in terms of traffic flow management in small and crowded spaces. These are designed to be space-efficient, so you are most likely to find use for them in parking lots where the available space is small.

Sliding Deck Gate

Sliding deck gates are extremely space-efficient but that is not primarily what they are chosen for. A sliding deck gate is a sturdy and reliable commercial/residential gate that’s meant to act as a proper security barrier between two sides. Depending on whether the gate is going to be used in a commercial parking lot, or to secure an apartment complex, its design, size, and choice of material will vary. In general, chain link and steel bars are the two best options if safety, security, and protection are the prime objectives behind installing the sliding deck gate.

Swing Gates

A swinging gate or swing gate is not going to be as space efficient as a sliding gate or a folding gate because they need additional space to swing open in an arc. It may not be an issue if space is not a constraint. Smaller swing gates are best suited for residential use. If the space is indeed there, giant swing gates can provide sturdy physical protection as well. If you do decide to get a large swing gate, do be sure to buy something with roller wheels underneath the swinging door. Otherwise, opening and closing large swing gates can become very difficult with time.

Roller Gates or Roll-Up/Down Shutters

Roller gates, aka roll-up/down shutters are some of the most widely used commercial gates today and they have been so for decades. These can be the average shutter gates we see local shops use, or industrial grade, dual/triple layer, reinforced steel shutters that are used to provide protection to warehouses and manufacturing plants.

There is a lot of versatility to using shutter gates and they are quite popular for residential use as well. You most likely have one protecting your own shed or garage right now. Since shutter gates are essentially solid sheets of metal, they do come with some unique advantages such as providing energy insulation, noise isolation, protection against the weather and complete privacy. By design, none of the other gates on this list can provide any of that.

By now, it should be clear that different gate types are suitable for different functions. It is perfectly possible that a single, large commercial facility has use for all the different gate types. Therefore, the final choice should always be made based on what the specific use case scenario is.

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