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Four Careers for People Who Want to Work in the Field of Athletics



Four Careers for People Who Want to Work in the Field of Athletics - cscs study guide

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If you didn’t know there is more than one way to make it in the field of athletics without playing a professional sport. Once people realize they might not make it, they give up on their dream of being in the athletic field. This will not be you.

There are tons of jobs behind the scenes that are an integral part of a team’s success. Quite frankly there are a lot of people that won’t make it to the professional level in their given sport. Even though this is true, you can still have a part in a team’s journey to win.

To get these types of jobs there are numerous tests and, or schooling that you will be required to take if you want to make it. It may be hard for some but if you have the opportunity to use something like a cscs study guide, the test can become much easier.

Degrees and certifications are what can get you that job you always wanted, and once you pass these tests you are one step closer to your goal. The first two careers are physical therapist and team trainer. Both have the ability to work with professional teams or in their own practice.

The next two are strength and conditioning coaches, or kinesiologists. These two are highly recommended and sought-out positions in the athletic industry and play an important part in the health of athletes. There is a lot we have to get into so let’s get started.

Do You Know About Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists work with clients who are recovering from injuries and are trying to make their way back. They may be recovering from surgery and need a physical therapist to work them out and get that part of their body mobile again.

Physical therapists can serve the public in hospitals, have their own clinics, and even sports teams. In order to become a physical therapist, you must also complete a certain amount of tests and certifications.

Typically a physical therapy degree is required along with a license to work in your specific state. Classwork can take up to 3-7 years to complete but it will be well worth it.

What About a Team Trainer?

Team trainers are one of the most sought-after jobs in the athletic field. When people hear the word athletic trainer, sports teams automatically come to everyone’s head. Trainers are very skilled and have a multitude of tasks they must know how to do.

Team athletic trainers help prevent, diagnose, and treat clients and this can range in a number of ways. For example, in injury prevention, you could be taping the player’s ankles before a game or give them massages to relax before a game. The key is to help players prevent an injury from happening by helping players maintain their wellness.

Or you could be diagnosing an injury on the field if a football player goes down. You would have to run onto the field to assess your client and take the proper precautions pertaining to that injury. These professionals have to be well versed in their knowledge of the human body.

There is quite a bit of schooling you have to do for this position as well, but not as elongated as becoming a physical therapist. There are certifications you must take and helpful material like the cscs study guide can help you accomplish these.

Have You Thought About Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and conditioning coaches strive to make their athletes reach peak conditions to go out and perform in their sport. There are coaches that are on the high school, college, and professional levels.

Strength and conditioning coaches also have a multitude of jobs and depending on school will have many people to take care of. Football teams can have up to 53 players at a given time and you may be responsible for them.

Since there coaches from the high school level to professional duties will different especially depending on the sport you play. The highest-paid coaches will be professionally but athletes also hire coaches during the offseason.

These coaches may have majored in exercise science, physical education, or exercise science in college. Once graduated you need to get certified and there are different routes you can take for that. A cscs study guide will help you complete your test on the first try and can be a good investment for your coaching future.


Kinesiologists focus on the movement of the human body and use medical-based evidence for their client’s mobility. This is for those who are interested in the healthcare side of the practice instead of becoming a pharmacist.

These doctors help their clients identify what part of the body is not moving right, diagnose it, and try to correct it. Many kinesiologists start off as physical education teachers, physical therapists, or athletic trainers when pursuing a degree. These jobs often require a higher-level degree and certification to become one.

If you are looking to teach or coach at a middle or high school, a certification is required but can be done in your undergraduate years. This could be a stepping stone to you getting that job at the university you want or a professional team. Once again cscs study guides are used by people who want to pass the exam by studying effectively and efficiently.


These four careers in the field of athletics are only the tip of the iceberg of opportunities you could have. If you love sports, going into this field should be fun for you. It is such a diverse field that you are bound to find a path that you like.

Since the field is so diverse there are numerous paths available, with thousands of schools around the U.S. Not only will you have fun doing these jobs but you also have the chance to earn a lot of money. There are many lucrative jobs in the professional area, but also the collegiate as well.

To recap you should try physical therapy or become a team trainer. Then you have a strength and conditioning coach or a kinesiologist. All are great choices and all require a certification of some sort. Make sure you get something like a cscs study guide to help you when taking these tests and being one step closer to your dream job.

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