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Best Snacks According to the Dieticians



Best Snacks According to the Dieticians

We are what we eat. Following a healthy diet is essential for a healthy body and mind. It is a well-known fact that meals need to be balanced. Consume high fibre, moderate protein, carbohydrates, and fats for smooth functioning of the body. But still, there are times when we crave food at odd times like mid-morning or evening time. This is the time when we select all the wrong foods and spoil the efforts that we have taken towards a healthy lifestyle.

Points to keep in mind while selecting a snack:

  • The snack should have all macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with fibre
  • Select a healthy cooking method like roasting, steaming, grilling, boiling, baking, or barbeque
  • Avoid the use of creamy sauces or sweet dips
  • Use cheese and butter in limited quantities
  • Keep the portion size small to avoid skipping the next major meal
  • Eat your snack at least 2-3 hours before your next meal

10 best healthy snack options for your odd-time cravings

1. Moong dal Chilla with green chutney

Moong dal chilla has a perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins. Roasting the chillas on a non-stick pan ensures the use of less oil or butter. This high-protein snack will keep you full for a longer period and help in avoiding overeating in your next meal. Serve the chillas with coriander mint chutney which is high in antioxidants and fibre.

2. Yoghurt with granola

Yoghurt has a perfect blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Yoghurt contains probiotics that improve gut health and encourages good bacteria to grow. Granola is low in GI, which will help to maintain the blood sugars. The fibre in granola will give a satiating effect even with a small quantity. It is a perfect snack that you can carry while traveling, in the office, or when you are short of time.

3. Oats veggie pancake with garlic curd dip

Oats are high in fibre. Add lots of vegetables to the pancake to make it nutritious. It helps in weight loss and maintains blood sugars. The garlic curd dip fulfils the protein and fat requirements in the snack.

4. Sprout salad with olive oil dressing

Sprouts are high in proteins, fibre, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and vitamin A. The olive oil in the salad dressing helps all the fat-soluble vitamins to get absorbed in the body. Sprouts help to lower cholesterol, aid weight loss, and maintain blood sugars.

5. Sweet potato and tofu Tikki with green chutney

Sweet potato is high in vitamins, especially carotene. It is very high in fibre. It helps to boost immunity and improve gut health. The tofu balances the proteins in the tikkis. The green chutney provides vitamins and minerals.

6. Sukha bhel

Sukha bhel is an ultimate combination of puffed rice with vegetables and spicy and sweet chutneys. You can keep the proportion of vegetables equal to or more than puffed rice to make it more filling and healthier.

7. Khakra Pizza

Khakra pizza is a pizza with a twist. You replace the refined flour base with khakra to make it healthy. Add veggies of your choice and sprinkle a sufficient amount of cheese to give it a traditional pizza feel. You can replace the pizza sauce with healthy versions of salsa or green chutney or tomato chutney.

8. Millet Dosa with coconut onion chutney

Millet is low in GI, which helps to maintain blood sugars, aids weight loss, and lowers blood cholesterol. The coconut onion chutney contains good quality fats that will not harm your body but should be consumed in limited quantity.

9. Hummus with multigrain homemade Pita bread

Hummus is high in proteins. The sesame provides calcium, and the olive oil gives omega-3 fatty acids. Replace the pita bread made from refined flour with multigrain flour to make the recipe healthier. The garlic used in hummus helps to keep your heart healthy.

10. Exotic paneer veggie roll

The paneer is high in proteins. The vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. The antioxidants in the vegetables help to boost immunity; fibre helps to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and maintain blood glucose levels. Try to use multigrain or whole wheat flour to make the roll or wrap. It is a recipe that is suitable for any age group. You can experiment using different vegetables and homemade low-fat sauces for the base.

The foods we choose make a difference. Too oily or creamy snacks will increase your cholesterol or sugar levels. You might also fall prey to mid-night cravings for food with such heavy snacks just before meals. Even a small amount of junk will impact your health. You don’t have to eat less; you need to eat right. Eating healthy is a lifestyle; which everyone should follow.

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