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Best Futon: Definition, Kinds, And Brands That You Need To Know





There was a time when everyone felt the necessity to buy a bed and a sofa separately. But now, as the population is increasing and the living space is becoming compact, people are choosing 2 in 1 furniture for their home. So, among those types of furniture futon is the one.

With this, you can at a time save a lot of money and space in your room. And that is why, in this article, you will get to know about the best futon that is ideal for you. Some of the readers over here might hear the word futon for the first time.

Therefore, we will start with the definition and the kinds of futons available in the market for their easy understanding. Have some time to go through the whole article and get a clear idea about it in detail.

What Is Futon?

A futon is a kind of mattress that can be used over a sofa to turn it into a sofa during daytime and bed at night time. It is usually made of cotton, leather, or foam and serves the purpose of minimizing back pain. Moreover, it comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the space of your room.

Most often, you need to buy the futon frame separately. So, for your best futon frame, you also need to get the best futon mattress because the softer the mattress, the more comfortable you will be while taking a rest. You can surely choose the futon over a traditional bed as your room will also get an elegant look.

Different Kinds Of Futon

There are different kinds of futons available in the market depending on the quality and style. In the U.S.A, futons are most commonly known as the alternative to a mattress converted into a sofa during day time. In Japan, futons are a quilt or a mat that needs to be placed directly on the floor to take rest.

So, if you plan to buy a futon, you need to know about its different types. There are basically four types of futons known among everybody.

• Bifold Frame
• Trifold Frame
• Loveseat
• Lounger

Bifold Frame

The bifold frame is the classical futon that is commonly known to everybody. This futon can be folded once from the middle of the frame along with the mattress’s length. Usually, the queen size futon’s width is 60 inches, and the full-size futon’s width is 54.

A bifold frame futon is easy to fold out and use as a bed. And, in the morning, you can again simply fold it and keep it in position with the locking mechanism. Afterward, about 3 to 4 people can sit on that at a time.

Trifold Frame

A trifold frame can be folded a maximum of 3 times along with the mattress’s width. It will basically look like the letter Z. Moreover, there will also be an extra section or separate ottoman.

The ottoman part needs to be fixed under the frame to remain unseen when not in use. Therefore, if you have a compact room, a trifold frame will take more of the floor space, up to 80 inches, and less wall space as it needs to fold along the width.

However, it comes in various sizes, from twin (smallest) to king (largest). But, it might not be easy to fold out like the bifold frame one.


There are two styles available in the loveseat futon. One is the traditional style, and the other is the two-piece mattress. Moreover, an additional mattress and an ottoman need to be used for getting a full-size sleeper in the two-piece mattress.

When the loveseat futon remains close, it will be about 54 square inches. But, it will become 75 inches with a two-piece mattress and an ottoman. It has a remarkable similarity to a trifold frame except for that Z shape.

The other loveseat futon type is the same as a sofa. But the only difference is the back, and the side needs to be folded down to get the sleeping space. So, the frame remains unseen, and the surface of the loveseat functions as a mattress.


If you have minimal space in your room but also want to install a bed, then a lounger would be the right choice. It somewhat has the form of a chair. It can be used as an upholstered chaise during the daytime, and at night it can be turned into a twin fold-down bed.

Moreover, it can also be installed in the guest room or child’s room. You can select the one that will make you comfortable as it is made of different materials and styles.

Best Futon

Many companies manufacture different kinds of futons for their client. But as a customer, you should know which one will be best for you among all those hundreds and thousands of futons. Below there are the names of some brands that you can indeed check.

• Mozaic Futon
• Best Choice Products Futon
• DHP Jasper Futon
• EMOOR Japanese Futon

All of these are durable and strong. Furthermore, you need to check the material first not to get allergic to it.

The Bottom Line

The futons that are available in the market are totally different than the original Japanese ones. In the 17th century, the concept of futon was first introduced, and cotton was the only material that was used to manufacture it. But now, memory foam, leather, and other types of foam are mostly used.

However, from the above information, you have already got a general idea about the best futon. So, if you think that more sudden guests visit your home, then it is high time to get a futon for your guest room. You can also buy one for your room and enjoy all its benefits.

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