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3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control



Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

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As our technology gets more advancer every day, criminal rates also increase, which results in us having a life that is more problematic, more unsafe, and more worrisome. However, with the help of Remote building access, an online security system can help you keep your home, business, company, and any other restricted area safe protected, and managed. Precisely, through this system, you can constantly monitor every room in your company, especially regarding visitors. Because through this system, you have the power to manage visitors’ permissions. If you permit them to get in one of the restricted rooms that your company has, they can come in, and if you terminate their permission to get in, they cannot. You can also have the power to manage tiered access from anywhere because allowing users to use cloud-connected devices and applications to work and gain access to a building. It makes it very beneficial to have or give you an easy process to use this system.

Three benefits of cloud-based access control for apartment buildings:

1. Remote door release via mobile app and browser

People in this generation prefer to use what is new, upgraded, and straightforward when building entry systems. A safe and far-advanced building entry is made possible by the technological advancements the designs have made available to us. Everyone used to use traditional keys to open our homes and other commercial establishments, but there are now more options to help us protect ourselves from uninvited guests. A novel design cloud-based building access control system from Swiftlane combines mobile, face recognition, audio, and video intercom, voice unlock, PIN, and key card entry options all into the system. It offers access privileges for various doors, persons, and facilities that users may operate through straightforward dashboards in browsers and mobile apps. The Swiftreader, a cutting-edge cloud-connected technology that functions as a multi-technology reader and two-way video intercom, is built into the hardware. Customers may choose a fully functional Swiftreader or Swiftreader X or a reasonably priced three-in-one Mobile, PIN, and Card Reader.

3. Receive visitor calls on mobile as regular phone calls

The development of mobile phones has made it easier and more affordable to contact our loved ones and use other forms of communication. Because of the advantages of mobile phones for workers, students, and businesses that rely on constant contact, almost everyone owns one. Some phones have simple applications, and most buildings now have entrance door systems that use mobile phones. Unannounced visitors can use their mobile phones to call the building’s owner directly, just like regular phone calls. They can easily carry out important transactions while away from your office, saving time and money. Swiftlane, as modern technology, can provide services to obtain simple access or admittance to a specific enterprise or house. Even when the owner is traveling or out of town, they can use their cell phone to monitor and stop potential theft. For users, this system is quite convenient.

4. Two-way audio and video calling; watch and talk before you unlock

Swiftlane’s sophisticated cloud-based building access control, which supports two-way audio and video calling, is another noteworthy feature and innovation. Both your invited friends and unexpected visitors can receive video calls from you. With this feature, you can recognize the caller who is genuinely attempting to reach you and access your building. All events and video calls are being recorded for reference and review in the future. The owner has the choice to accept the guest and grant free access after the video call.


Remote building access to a Swiftlane can assist you in simplifying your life, making it safer and more secure, and protecting yourself from any threats. The cutting-edge technology makes it simple for you to manage and control anyone attempting to enter your house, organization, or business, specifically any prohibited areas. Installing this robust online security system has many benefits, including the remote door release via mobile app and browser. Secondly, the receiving visitor calls on mobile as regular phone calls, and lastly, Two-way audio and video calling; watch and talk before you unlock. As mentioned above, there are still many more essential benefits that the system has in store for those potential end users that help them have a more accessible, secure, and peaceful life.

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