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An Apple Hack a Day: 7 Mac Hacks and Tricks to Simplify Your Life



7 Mac Hacks and Tricks to Simplify Your Life

If you go to any office or school campus you’ll likely see a lot of Apple computers. The Mac is a popular computer. It was rated America’s most trusted computer brand in 2020.

With all its features and possibilities, it’s no wonder, Mac computers are popular. From the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro, there’s always something new to find.

Whether you have been using Macs for years or are new to the system, you should read this article. We’ll discuss 7 Mac hacks you can use to get the most of your Mac.

1. Switch Between Your Mac and Your Other Apple Products

Apple products can make doing things easier. If you own other Apple products, you can link them to your Mac. This is one of the Apple hacks that make these products so sought after.

There are different things you can do with this hack. If you’re working on your Mac and get a phone call, you can take it on the Mac. There’s no need to get up if your iPhone is far away.

Let’s say you are a college student. As you read your textbook, you can take notes on your iPhone. Once you get home, you can continue this task on your Mac notebook by using the Handoff feature.

You can do the same with an email. You can finish the email you started on your iPhone on your Mac. Click on the ‘Mail” app icon and the draft will be there ready for you to finish writing the email.

2. Sign a Document on the Mac

Need to sign a document? There’s no need to print the document to sign it. Use the Preview feature to sign a document.

To sign a document, open it on Preview. Click on the Markup logo which is next to the search box. Next, look for the signature you want to add by clicking on the signature icon.

You can use your iPhone to create your signature. If you have a Magic Trackpad, you can handwrite it to create your signature.

3. Use Spotlight

Are you familiar with the Spotlight feature? It can do more than help you find files and launch apps.

This feature can help you perform a quick calculation or conversion. Yes, you read that right. You can find the answer to math problems without having to open Safari.

Let’s say you want to convert Dollars to Euros. Spotlight can do this in a flash.

Want to know how much is 82 Fahrenheit in Celsius? Spotlight can give you the answer.

4. Ask Mac to Read It to You

Macs have an accessibility feature that can read a document. This is the Speak Selection feature with built-in screen reader software.

If you have been writing a report, you can use this feature to have Mac read it back to you. It lets you adjust the speaking rate. This is perfect for writers as it allows them to rest their eyes.

5. Running Windows With Parallels

One of the MacBook tricks you should know about involves the use of Parallels. This is an app that allows users to run Windows on a Mac.

It allows users to do this via a virtual machine. With this feature, there isn’t a need to restart the Mac.

Without the need to reboot, you can move between operating systems with ease. You can play games, use Internet Explorer, and other apps available on Windows.

6. Use the Control Center

A new interface change on the Mac involves the control center. The control center is now in the menu bar.

This is where you’ll find the controls for different settings. These include the Do Not Disturb, display brightness, and Bluetooth settings.

This feature is easy to use. Click on the icon and then the setting you wish to change. That’s all it takes.

What if there’s a setting that’s missing in the control center. To get quick access to the setting you’re missing, you can drag its icon to the menu bar.

7. Recover an Unsaved Word Document

Mac users have the option of using Microsoft Word on their computers. When using Word, you have to remember to save your document. This should be a habit, but accidents do happen.

If you forget to save your document, or your Mac accidentally shuts down, you might start to freak out. There’s no need to pull your hair out.

There are different ways that you can recover an unsaved Word document. The first thing you can do is to check the trash. There’s a good chance the Word document will be there.

You can use the AutoRecovery feature to help you find the document. This feature might have an earlier version of the document.

These are two of the options you can use. If you want to learn more ways to recover unsaved word documents on a mac click the link. One of these steps will help you find your important document.

Use These 7 Mac Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Mac

If you own a Mac, you should know about these 7 Mac hacks. These are some of the cool things to do on a Mac.

You can use these hacks to improve your experience and get the most out of the device. The hacks will help you cut down on the time you spend working on a task.

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