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Advantages of Creating Microsoft Access Online Database



Advantages of Creating Microsoft Access Online Database1

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Here is why you should move to an online database immediately.

There are a lot of disadvantages and downfall of Microsoft’s online database solution. Let us take a look at what options are convenient to businesses, particularly when they desire to maintain storing their files and data in the cloud.

Disadvantages of going back to the Microsoft Access desktop version:

Limited accessibility

Any desktop database would have critical restrictions when it is about accessing remotely. A system with Internet connections in the infrastructure would have an immediate impact on the availability of data. And this will eventually be an issue that concerns the business itself.

Less protection

The protection of the data and database comes under the duties of the company itself. Any organization that has it planned out knows how protection of data and security can be a genuine discomfort as well as a costly matter.

The effect on speed as data size expands

Businesses have highly become data-driven and every method requires crunching through heavy sizes of data before it can be performed. This database will not be capable to scale well when the necessity arises.

Created for a smaller environment

Microsoft Access Online was never created for a larger environment and would not be able to perform to its full potential in a larger environment LAN, assigned only on WAN or across the Internet.

Pretty intimidating database configuration and administration

Presently, there are database configuration solutions that can generate wonderful data storage and recovery systems without the necessity to write a script or a code. This is on the contrary of operating with Access online or otherwise. Access online comes with the support of Azure VDI as well.

2G Data limit restrictions

A large amount of data storage these days consists of unnecessary files. The only technique to get around this issue is to link tables in different databases each of which could be around 2GB in size. The other specifications are improper.

Some features to anticipate from your online database solution:

  • A reliable cloud storage option with high security that is accessible from any place that has an Internet connection.
  • Easy functioning even a beginner should be able to do some creating of databases in a matter of minutes without the need for any coding.
  • The steps involved in the migration process like Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration should not hold anything more than data extraction into workbooks or excel sheets and then migrating it back into a new online cloud database.

In this way, you can assure that migrating from Access Online to a new cloud online database will not be difficult. Instead, it will be an update that will take your data storage into a more progressive environment.

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