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20 Advanced Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Improve Your Workflow



Advanced Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

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Want to use your Mac as an advanced user? Hotkeys or shortcuts are indispensable assistants during daily work with it. With their help, you can speed up the execution of almost any task. For example, you can quickly open and close windows, create screenshots, switch between open programs, interact with folders, and so on.

What do you need for this? If you want to be more efficient, then you should definitely check out the most useful keyboard shortcuts. Next, you will learn about 20 important keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to be not only an advanced user but also to simplify many operations. Let’s get started.

Top 20 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Which Will Help You Become an Advanced User and Facilitate Many Processes

20 Advanced Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

There is no need to use the PC mouse, and the availability of a lot of shortcuts can prove it. So, would you like to get a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts to make your interaction with the PC easier? There are a lot of useful shortcuts that you will definitely like. Below you will find the top 20 keyboard shortcuts that will be useful if you want to improve your productivity and make it easier to perform many operations. Check out the list below.

1. Command + Space Bar

This combination allows you to open the Spotlight function to find the files you need on your computer or the Internet. However, this function has many more possibilities, such as performing mathematical operations, checking the weather forecast, and so on.

2. Command + Tab

This keyboard shortcut allows you to switch between the apps you are using. You should press this combination to move from one open app to another. This is especially helpful when there are a lot of open windows.

3. Cmd + Tab + left/right arrows

The above combination requires constant pressing to navigate through open apps. However, when you have a lot of open apps, this may not be very convenient. Therefore, you can hold down the Cmd key and use the left/right arrows to navigate through the apps.

4. Ctrl + W

If you need to close a window but not close the whole app, then this combination is what you need. You can selectively close windows and leave open the ones you need. However, it is vital to know that if you test this key combination in the Chrome browser, the current tab will be closed.

5. Ctrl + left/right arrows

With this keyboard shortcut, you will be able to navigate between desktops. This is especially true if you work with multiple monitors. In this case, the desktops will change only on the current screen.

6. Ctrl + L

If you need a combination that will allow you to quickly navigate to new sites or search in a tab, then this is what you need.

7. Ctrl + Н

If you need to quickly open multiple windows, then this combination will allow you to do it with “one” press.

8. Cmd + Shift + N

With this combination, you can open a new private or incognito window that won’t show up in your search history.

9. Ctrl + Y

With this keyboard shortcut, you can open browsing history. If you use Chrome, it will open as a new tab. If you use Safari, then the history will be displayed on the current tab.

10. Fn + Delete

You can use these keyboard shortcuts to delete the text before the cursor.

11. Ctrl + K

If you need to quickly insert a hyperlink, you can use this combination. That is, you will be able to paste a URL and associate it with the selected words.

12. Command + Shift + 3

This keyboard shortcut will allow you to take a screenshot of your screen and save it to a dedicated folder.

13. Command + Shift + 3 + Ctrl

This is an addition to the above keyboard shortcut. That is, you can send a screenshot not to a folder but to the clipboard.

14. Command + Shift + 4

If you need to take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen, then you can do this using the above keyboard shortcut.

15. Command + Shift + Del

With this command, you can empty the bin. Before that, you need to open Finder.

16. Command + Shift + G

This combination allows you to enter the path to a folder and quickly access it.

17. Command + Shift + V

If you are an active Safari user, then it allows you to copy and paste data without the need for prior formatting.

18. Command + Z

With this key combination, you can undo the previous action on your computer.

19. Command + Shift + Z

If you need to repeat some action, then you can use a combination of these keys. Also, it allows you to redo the last change that was undone on your computer.

20. Command + Control + Q

If you urgently need to interrupt your work on the computer and close access to it, then you can use this key combination. With this key combination, your computer screen will be locked, and then a password will be requested to unlock it. In this case, all your open windows and programs will not be closed. So, this is a good emergency combination that can help to save your data from others.

Don’t Stop on the Above List

In fact, the list of useful hotkeys is not limited to the above. So, don’t stop to study this question. For example, each app can have its own combinations that will make their use more efficient. To do this, you need to study the menu of each app in order to find combinations for effective use.

Therefore, it is worth exploring all the possibilities for those tools that are important for your work. Well, the combinations described above are universal for Mac users.

Wrapping Up

So, now you are aware of the top Mac keyboard shortcuts that will help you to be an advanced user. Just use the above arsenal of useful keyboard shortcuts. It is time to try out these Mac keyboard shortcuts in practice and make the use of your computer more efficient.

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