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7 Tricks for Cleaning Super Tight Spaces



7 Tricks for Cleaning Super Tight Spaces

Every house has some tight spaces which are tricky and hard to penetrate. It sometimes feels easier to avoid them while cleaning. But how far can you avoid them? Dust is going to pile up and eventually can block those tiny spaces. I will show you 7 amazing tricks to clean super tight spaces.

Now you can effectively clean those spaces. So, let’s get started.

1. Clean Keyboards with Sticky Note

You might be wondering why you haven’t figured it out yet! But don’t hammer yourself with guilt. Take a sticky note, fold it in half and use the sticky end to pick up the crumbs and dust you’re your keyboard. This simple trick will clean the dust from under your keyboard. You can keep doing it frequently to prevent dust from piling up.

2. Clean Car Vents Using a Craft Brush

It feels annoying when car vents are covered with dust. But it’s always tricky to reach all the slots and clean them properly. Use a cheap craft brush with a sponge top to clean your car vents. You can reach all the slots and clean them properly. Next time you go on a long trip, you will surely get fresh air from the neat and clean vents.

3. Use a Toilet Paper Roll to Clean Window Track

Window tracks are very prone to dust. They become covered with dust in no time if you do not clean them regularly. I’m sure you use a vacuum cleaner, but the problem is with the hard plastic crevices. It does not allow you to reach tight spaces like window tracks.

But if you use a toilet paper roll on top of it, you can easily squish it and reach all the places.

4. Clean Air Vents with Butter Knife

Air vents also frequently get dirty. They can block air out if you do not clean them on time. The easiest way to clean air vents is with a butter knife. Are you surprised? Nothing cleans dust from air vents better than a butter knife.

Firstly, vacuum the loose dust from the vents. Then wrap a microfiber cloth around your butter knife and clean the vents.

5. Use Tongs to Clean Narrow Window Blinds

It can be a real pain to clean your window blinds with your hands. They are very prone to dust, and you find yourself indulging in the pain of cleaning them with your hands. Well, no more. Use a pair of tongs from your kitchen to clean them. Wrap a microfiber cloth around them and wipe out every slat.

6. Use an Old Toothbrush to Clean the Faucets

Faucets and sinks in your kitchen and bathroom become dirty with mildew and bacteria over time. You can use your old toothbrush to scrub off the dirt. Sharp bristles will reach every corner of your faucets and sink.

7. Clean Car details with Cotton Swabs

There are many places in your car you can not clean with vacuum cleaners or rugs. Those tiny little spaces require extra attention. Use a few cotton swabs to clean them off.

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