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7 Tips for Increasing Productivity



7 Tips for Increasing Productivity

It is safe to say that none of us is entirely productive throughout the whole day. Even when we are working better and using productive management, there are imbalances. Far too many of us don’t partake in self-rewarding and can’t make the distinction between “work to live or live to work.”

That say, there are ways to improve productive quality without sacrificing free time or letting work dominate us. So, how can you improve productivity without it seeping into your everyday life? Here are some of the best tips for increasing productivity.

1. Give Up Multi-Tasking At All

While it may seem like you are achieving more by multitasking, the opposite is true. Cooperative multitasking is about the extent of how far you should go because multitasking can lose focus. What makes multitasking funny is the perception that you are doing more when your attention is really divided between tasks.

So ask yourself which is better: mindfulness or multitasking? When it comes to monotasking vs multitasking, superior focus means doing a better job. Focus, combined with proper tools like one of the best 2-in-1 laptops, can change your productivity levels.

Take your time and focus on one task. You will get it right from the start instead of having to take time to go back and correct mistakes made from lack of focus. You may be surprised to find that you will save time and do a better job by monotasking instead of multitasking.

2. Work in Short Intervals

Contrary to popular belief, you also do not need to work from the second you start until the end of the day. Time intervals play a key part in breaking up the day and preventing burnout. Let’s take a break and get a good rest. Doing so allows for returning to the task with vigor and purpose.

Try to set a timer for 75 minutes or so. When the timer goes off, take 10-15 minutes break to gather your thoughts and give your brain and body a rest. That means coming back to the task at hand with fresh thoughts and avoiding getting burned out.

Burn out is a major issue in the workforce these days, particularly in the United States. Keep your mind fresh and your body rested so that you can put in greater quality work and increase productivity during work hours.

3. Get Some Rest

There is this misguided perception that when we complete a task, we should move on to the next one. Rinse, repeat. But let’s take a break on our way to working better. Get a good rest, take short breaks, and care for yourself.

Tips Increasing Productivity

That means investing in self-care tools. Taking a soak in your own spa, like one of the intex purespa models, can be a great way to unwind. It is also important that you make your work area as comfortable as possible. For areas that deal with high levels of humidity, look into the best crawl space dehumidifier.

The right level of comfort and rest can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your habits and productivity.

4. Don’t Overload Yourself

Work overload stress is a lot like normal stress with the volume turned way up. Your work may ask you “are you willing to work overtime?” with the implication that if you don’t, you are not a team player. The added workload results in a feeling where we stress away the day instead of being productive.

Instead of “shall we work overtime”, consider refusing to work overtime. The added money may be nice but there is very real stress and fatigue to be felt from all the added hours.

5. Read a Book About Pomodoro Technique

Check out the Pomodoro technique book if you don’t know what it is. It’s about achieving a complete task, short breaks, and the need for staggering the day. Check out the pomodoro technique illustrated for real examples.

Set a timer for 12 minutes then take a short break. Rinse, repeat. The short breaks give your brain the time it needs to process all that it has learned. Moreover, it gives you the chance to break up the monotony and avoid that dreaded feeling of burnout that so many experience.

6. Group Errands

Just when you ask, “have you finished those errands”, there are more errands to run. Personal errands and running errands in general, can be just as stressful as any work environment. “I need to run some errands” can turn into literally hours of stress on your body and mind.

Tips for Increasing Productivity

That said, try to group your errands together. Doing so not only saves time and trips, but it saves stress from having to run all over the place to complete said errands. It may not seem like much, but can mean a major difference in overall stress levels

7. Militantly Eliminate Distractions

Procrastination is very real. And in a work environment, the distraction test is very real. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that you are procrastinating just reading this. Yes, you are trying to get better, but likely because you put things off or struggle with productivity.

Consider putting up a “please do not disturb” sign during particularly important projects. Give yourself the time and quiet that you need to get the task done. Without distractions, you may be able to cut down on overall task time substantially, becoming far more productive in the process.


Being more productive doesn’t mean “working hard”. It means being smarter about the way that we work. It means respecting the toll that a tough day can take not only on our minds but our bodies as well. It means setting ourselves up for success.

Increasing productivity is about making habit changes. Cut down on the distractions. Give yourself much-needed breaks to allow information to be absorbed by your mind. In the end, you will find that your productivity improves substantially and getting even the toughest of tasks done is a bit simpler than ever before.

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