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7 Popular Sympathy Flowers and Their Meanings



7 Popular Sympathy Flowers and Their Meanings

Image by WhisperingJane_ASMR from Pixabay

Flowers play a very important role in our lives. They can smell great, look amazing, and give your room a luxurious touch, no matter where you put them. They also make wonderful gifts to give others to show them you care and are thinking about them.

While they can be given at happy occasions like birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, they are often appropriate in more somber situations, too. A sympathy flower arrangement can be awesome for lifting someone’s spirit and helping show them you are there for them during their difficult time.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to the kinds of flowers you include in a sympathy bouquet. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few of the most popular sympathy flowers, and what the hidden meanings behind them are.

1. White Roses

While there are plenty of different kinds of roses with different rose meanings, white roses are often the one that is included in sympathy bouquets the most. White roses often symbolize things like humility and reverence, as well as purity and innocence. They are very spiritual in nature.

They, along with a few other colors of roses, frequently appear in funeral flower bouquets, and they are beautiful, without being as overly cheerful as other types of roses that are brighter. The white coloring can also symbolize new beginnings and a fresh start, too.

2. Lilies

Lilies are another common sympathy flower, and it is easy to see why. Not only are they aromatic and instantly noticeable, but their shape, size and color can help any bouquet look better.

While these are good sympathy flowers in general, they are specifically popular at funerals. They symbolize not only sympathy, but also that the innocence of the departed has been restored in full. Renewal and rebirth are also common types of symbolism that exist with lilies. These are the perfect flowers to remember somebody and serve as a tribute to them and their return to a peaceful state of innocence.

3. Carnations

While often seen as the unofficial flower of Mother’s Day in some parts of the world, carnations are also frequently part of funeral wreaths and sympathy arrangements. They are affordable, looking stunning, and give off a very pleasant aroma.

All colors of carnations can be appropriate for sympathy flower bouquets. White represents innocence and purity, pink often stands for remembrance, and red can symbolize the admiration and love for another person. These flowers are also a popular choice due to the fact that they can last quite a while before beginning to wilt and show signs of aging and wear.

4. Gladioli

Popular Sympathy Flowers and Their Meanings

Image by i_take_phone_pictures from Pixabay

Gladioli are a unique flower that has a very tall stem (often up to around 4 feet), that contains multiple flowers. They are beautiful and can be given as a sympathy gift, but are also often used in elegant arrangements for funerals or other somber events.

These flowers can represent both strength and character, and help provide encouragement to those who are struggling. This bloom communicates compassion, without ignoring how much it can hurt to lose someone or suffer a major setback in life. These flowers also embody moral integrity and sincerity, too.

Like many of the other options on this list, there are many colors of gladioli available, so choose wisely. Sending these to a grieving family can be a kind and generous way to show your support and help give them a brief uplifting moment in an otherwise challenging time.

5. Tulips

If you want to bring encouragement into the life of someone who has suffered a setback or loss, a tulip is one of the best flowers to do so. They can signify both a fresh start, and some sort of renewal. It can help someone get back on their feet and provide hope to those who are grieving.

Tulips themselves also represent grace and elegance, and each different color can convey a different emotion, thought, or feeling. Yellow tulips are cheerful and uplifting, red ones signify love, and white tulips symbolize and represent forgiveness.

In a similar vein, daffodils can also be a substitute if you or the recipient prefers them over tulips, or if they are simply easier to find. Either of these two flowers being in an arrangement is sure to brighten someone’s day.

6. Orchids

Orchids are without a doubt one of the most sleek, slender, and attractive flowers you can find today. And with their meaning being “I will always love you”, they are the perfect sympathy flower to show someone that you are thinking of them, and that they are in your heart.

In general, because these flowers can be given for many occasions, you want to ensure you choose the right colors. Conveying sympathy with an orchid plant is best done with either the pink or the white variety.

These have a very graceful look, and everytime someone looks at them, they will be reminded of the love and support you have for them.

7. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a very versatile flower that can be given for all different kinds of occasions. This spring bloom is especially great for bringing some brightness to the life of someone who is struggling. This flower symbolizes true and heartfelt emotions, and can truly show someone you are there for them during their time of need.

These are also quite easy to care for and can last a long time (often over a year), even in subpar conditions as it is quite hardy. The recipient won’t need to put a lot of time or effort in this flower, which means it is great for people who may have a lot on their plates dealing with loss or hardship in their lives.

In conclusion, any of these flowers are a great option to show your sympathy and show your friends or family members that you are there for them. Of course, make sure that the sending of flowers is appropriate and something that the individual or family wants, before going ahead and sending them.

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