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6 Ways a CMS Can Help You Build Your Business Website



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If you decide to promote your business on the Internet, you cannot do without understanding some important terms. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim of numerous charlatans and losing a lot of money.

One such term is CMS, and its importance to a business is enormous.

About 70% of customers who contact us have no idea what a CMS is and why they should care about it. Many already have their own sites that do not work or give little effect. Very often these problems are due to the fact that during the development of the site, no one wondered what CMS it would be based on.

As a result, poor people lose money, time, market share and lose to competitors. All this could have been easily avoided if the right decision about choosing the right custom cms development company had been made in due time.

What is CMS?

It is an English acronym that stands for Content Management System. Literal translation – Content Management System. For reference, content is the content of the site: pages, texts, pictures, banners, videos, etc.

People often call CMS with the words “engine”, “admin panel” or simply: “What is the site built on”.

The site, in its essence, is a collection of various Internet pages that are available at specific addresses on the Internet (URL). Imagine a typical advertising brochure, each page of which has its own Internet address. This will be the site.

To create such a brochure on the Internet, you can simply typeset each page separately and place it at the appropriate address. This can be done by designers, layout designers and programmers. However, in order to make changes to a page or create a new one, you will need to contact the specialists again. It is very inconvenient, time consuming and expensive.

To solve this problem, CMS was invented.

When developing a site based on CMS, the design of the pages is “pulled” on the selected system and further filling the site with content occurs from its administrative panel.

Why do you need a CMS?

CMS allows you to manage the content of the site, change, add and delete site pages, as well as adjust their content without contacting specialists. Good CMS are built so that a regular computer user can make changes to the site, even without special training.

For example, this is how the page you are reading in the CMS admin panel looks like, in edit mode.

Imagine that you have decided to run a promotion for your customers. To do this, you urgently need to post new information on the site. If you contact your agency or programmers, the work can take several days and will cost money. And CMS allows you to post this information yourself – quickly, free of charge and at any time of the day.

Why is CMS important for business?

The Internet is a very dynamic environment that changes at a breakneck pace. As a result, within six months after the website was made for you, you will probably need to make important corrections to it, add new functions or change something significantly.

It is very good if you are confident that the site developer will support you throughout your life. However, very often it turns out differently. A freelancer can go into mud, a web design studio can go broke, and an agency can end the relationship with you. A lot of customers who have lost contact with the developer turn to us with this problem.

In such a situation, it is important to be able to find another contractor who can take care of your Internet asset.

How to choose a CMS for your website?

Technical details aside, there are three main factors to consider when choosing a CMS:

  • Popularity
  • The cost
  • Capabilities

The popularity of CMS is the level of its prevalence in the world and, in particular, in Russia. From a business point of view, this is the most important criterion, since the more popular the CMS, the more programmers are familiar with it. If you choose a popular CMS, it means that in case of any disasters, you will always find a specialist who can support and improve your site.

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