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6 Rules for Renters: How to Decorate Your Rented Home without Losing Security Deposit



Decorate Your Rented Home without Losing Security Deposit

Experienced landlords know how to attract the biggest number of potential renters—keep things minimalist, easy to maintain and modern. However, such spaces often feel impersonal and you might want to add a touch of uniqueness to your home. But how can you decorate your rental without losing your security deposit? First, carefully read the fine print in your contract just to be sure, and then opt for the following decoration tips that will beautify your space without upsetting your landlord.

1. Wallpapers instead of painting

Sure, one of the cheapest and most radical ways to add some color to the room and freshen up its aesthetic appeal is to grab a paint bucket and splash a new coat of paint on the walls. However, your landlord will probably not be thrilled with the idea. Luckily, there are some less permanent ways you can change your walls. There are temporary peel-off wallpapers with all sorts of different prints, as well as wall stickers that will turn your rental into a feel-good space while being fairly simple to remove.

2. Go with art

Art on the walls is another simple yet effective way to add personality, color and style to a sterile rental. However, most canvases and photo frames require making holes in the wall. If you’re allowed to make them, you’re in luck, but if you’re not, you don’t need to give up on beautiful art. There are command strips that allow you to hang up art without any damage to the walls, or you can place art on shelves or furniture and prop it up against the wall (this leaves a very chic, relaxed and modern look).

3. Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is often the weakest spot of a rental, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to a few upgrades you can make. You will be surprised about the difference something as simple as a new lamp shade can make! There are other lighting improvements you can make, and many don’t even require an electrician. There are practical plug-in fixtures that only have a few screws to handle. If you can’t touch anything on the wall, add a floor lamp and stop using your shabby ceiling lights altogether (this will also save money on electricity). Once these come on, all the attention will be aimed at them instead of on your outdated chandelier.

4. Choose to boost warmth

Most rentals have functional floors that are durable and easy to clean. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but that minimalism leaves rental floors quite unattractive. If you want to boost aesthetic appeal and warmth in your place, get a rug. And don’t think you have to go wall-to-wall with your rug—something small yet high-quality will be just enough for your needs. Opt for natural materials and handmade crafting that can be found in Australia or New Zealand—their rugs never disappoint. With natural rugs from NZ, you can decorate your rental, treat your feet to warmth and softness and anchor the furniture, all that without breaking the bank. And, most importantly, you can easily roll up your rug and take it with you if you decide to move!

Decorate Rented Home without Losing Security Deposit

5. Invest in soft furniture

It’s natural that you don’t want to invest in furniture that might or might not fit your future home (it’s always a gamble with these) but you can easily refresh your rental furniture with some pillows and throws. They can add color, style, warmth and softness to the space without much work or money. Visit any furniture or home-accessories shop, and you will be provided with a big range of sizes, materials, colors, patterns and style of cushions and throws to update your rental without pissing off your landlord.

6. Add storage with cheap bookshelves

Many people who rent struggle with storage. While you can splurge on some more important items you can always take with you like a mattress, coffee table or couch, don’t invest in custom shelves and cabinets that only fit this particular space. Instead, grab some cheap storage like an IKEA Billy bookcase. If you can’t find a spot for it in your new space when you move, it won’t hurt you much to just leave it behind! Hooks are another minimalist way to decorate and boost storage space—they can be used in entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Wrapping up

There you have it: easy and cheap ways to upgrade your rental and keep your deposit. Most of these upgrades can be set up and removed in a day, so you can move quickly in case you find a better offer or decide to invest in your forever home.

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