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5 Ways to Engage Your YouTube Subscribers



5 Ways to Engage Your YouTube Subscribers

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

YouTube subscribers are a valuable asset for every aspiring YouTuber. They provide consistent feedback, act as your cheerleading squad, and help raise awareness of your channel. It’s not a secret that YouTube has changed its algorithms to provide more visibility to channels with high subscriber numbers. This has made it hard for new YouTubers to get noticed by viewers who are subscribed to lots of channels. But still, growing your channel organically is better than buying YouTube subscribers and views.

So how do you quickly grow your subscriber count and develop a stronger bond with your audience? Here are five useful strategies.

1. Set a goal and let it be known

Just like any other type of business, success comes in steps. So instead of trying to increase the number of subscribers right away, set a goal for yourself that’s achievable over a week or even just one day.

Maybe your goal is to get ten subscribers by the end of the week or you’d like to get several comments that are double your current amount. You can even set a goal for views if you feel like it. The point is to give yourself a clear target that you can realistically achieve in a short period. By setting achievable targets, you’ll be more likely to succeed. And then once you’ve accomplished your goal, you can move on to the next one. This can help give you feedback on what kind of content works for your channel and what kinds of videos get the highest engagement from subscribers.

2. Invite someone in your personal life

As stated earlier, one of the perks of having YouTube subscribers is the fact they will provide feedback and engage with your videos. So if you plan on creating more videos in the future, start by asking a friend (who’s not part of YouTube) to watch your most recent video and leave a comment.

This approach is especially effective because it allows you to draw people into your channel, which will make them want to watch every single one of your future productions. This strategy is great for beginners because it’s an easy way to make more subscribers. But in our opinion, it’s not the most effective.

YouTube Views are a major factor that determines how much traffic a video receives and whether or not subscribers will want to subscribe. If you want to reach more of your potential subscribers, then you need to make sure that every single video you create will get as many views as possible.

3. Join a fun challenge to showcase yourself

Another way to increase the number of subscribers is by participating in fun challenges with other YouTubers. At this time, there is a YouTube challenge called the “Five Fingers Challenge”. You can join by posting a video of yourself performing five different finger exercises in five minutes or less. Not only will participating in a challenge help you gain subscribers, but it also allows you to get more attention online and show off your personality. If you don’t know what to challenge yourself with, then you can look on YouTube and find some of the most interesting challenges.

Most YouTubers have YouTube playlists dedicated specifically for challenges.

4. Make videos about your subscribers and do daily giveaways

If you have a large number of subscribers, you can start to create more content for your channel that’s specifically targeted toward them. For example, you can make a video about how many subscribers you’ve gained over the last week and what kinds of videos they like.

The YouTube “daily giveaway” is a fun way to get a lot of people to subscribe to your channel. The main objective is for you to create a video about YouTube and then upload it to your channel for others to watch. The idea behind this challenge is that you can use very little planning and creativity to get a lot of subscribers as well as raise awareness that you’re an expert on the topic of YouTube.

5. Ask your subscribers to subscribe

The last method I’d recommend is to ask your subscribers to subscribe to your channel. So now there are two options:

If you’re struggling with a goal as mentioned above, it’s best to post an email on Facebook asking them what they want and letting them know that you just might be able to meet their request. The best way to embrace the number of subscribers you have on YouTube is by sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


To conclude, YouTube has come a long way since it was founded in 2005 and it will continue to be one of the best platforms to create and share videos.

In this article, we have tried to compile everything you need to know about YouTube as well as its marketing opportunities. YouTube Marketing Tools can easily help you develop a marketing plan for your upcoming content We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that you were able to find out everything you wanted to know about engaging your YouTube subscribers.

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