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5 Tips for the Aspiring Serial Side Hustler [Infographic]



5 Tips for the Aspiring Serial Side Hustler

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Gig work is growing in the U.S., especially as many workers turn to ways to utilize their skills virtually rather than at a physical place of work. For many, side hustling is an ideal addition or alternative to a traditional full-time job, with the potential benefits of earning more, pursuing passions, gaining new skills, and being able to work only as much as one wants.

Side hustles can be a great option due to the flexibility of the freelance, app-based, and online work that makes up the gig economy. But working multiple jobs and for yourself doesn’t come without its challenges, the main ones being time management problems, no time off, and potential for creative and mental burnout. To overcome these challenges and make the best out of multiple gigs, check out these tips for the serial side hustler.

1. Block your time

Create your schedule so you have blocks of time for each project or assignment. Poor time management and disorganization can significantly diminish the quality of your life and work. Set up a time every day during which you work on specific tasks so you have a clear routine and everything gets done.

2. Keep track of your expenses

Considering using a separate card for your side hustle-related expenses so it’s easier to assess them all at once and keep track of how much you spend. This can also later help with taxes since it’s your responsibility to pay them.

3. Don’t commit immediately

Before committing to a new project, assess whether you truly have the bandwidth for it. Carefully go through and plan your schedule to see if you’re already overextended, or if you really do have tons of free time to accept a new assignment.

4. Give yourself a break

Create time in your schedule for pauses and breaks so you don’t overwork yourself. Burnout is common among gig workers, so prioritizing taking care of yourself and having free time every so often.

5. Set goals

Just like a goal you or your boss would set in a traditional job, give yourself something to look forward to when work gets tough by setting achievable objectives like earning a specific amount of money or mastering a skill.

Achieve your side hustle dreams and learn how to manage multiple gigs with this helpful guide, courtesy of ZenBusiness.

5 Tips for the Aspiring Serial Side Hustler

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