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5 Tips for a Successful Move Into Independent Living



5 Tips for a Successful Move Into Independent Living

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Moving into an independent living community can be a stressful and emotional moment. Although you are likely excited to start a new life chapter, you may still feel nervous about leaving the home you have lived in for decades and adjusting to a new routine.

However, having a proper plan for the move can make the transition easier for everyone and help you become a part of the new community faster. Here are some tips for a successful move into independent living.

1. Downsize your belongings

Your independent living community apartment will most likely be smaller than your home. While you may want to carry trophies to remind you of your highs and lows, moving into an independent living community often means downsizing your belongings.

Be sure to pack essential items that mean a lot to you to ensure you feel at home in your new apartment. If possible, begin downsizing well in advance. Consider giving your cherished items to family members or friends who will appreciate their significance.

2. Ask your family and friends to visit often

Before you move into Riverview Retirement Community, send a note to your family members and closest friends and invite them to visit you in your new home. Regular visits from family and friends can always brighten your day and are particularly essential when you are first settling in a new home.

3. Allow yourself time to adjust

Any life transition can be difficult, but moving to independent living is even more challenging. Perhaps you will be moving from a home you have lived in for decades or had to separate with items you have kept for years. Most independent living communities have a staff member who plans a meeting after a new resident moves in to share information about amenities, services, and activities.

It’s important to give yourself time to adjust to your new life and space. Remember that you will live with many other residents with the same experiences, but this might be a great source of advice and encouragement when coping with the tough days.

4. Set your expectations before moving

Knowing what to expect beforehand can help make things a bit easier in your new home. Be sure to ask the community management as many questions as possible and do your homework before your move-in day. Find out what time meals will be served, the types of activities offered throughout the day, the services and amenities your place offers, and how the move-in process usually works.

5. Get involved in the community

Regular social activities are one of the best amenities offered by independent living communities, so be sure to leverage your community’s social routine as soon as you move in. Make sure to look at the community social and fitness calendar daily and choose events or activities you would like to attend. This will allow you to get to know your fellow residents and also help you discover a new hobby or talent.


The move to an independent living community can seem overwhelming. However, a strategic and well-planned move can reduce the stress and anxiety of the entire process, making the transition smooth. Combined with open-mindedness and understanding, these tips will give the most positive results.

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