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5 Things You Must Remember To Succeed At Anything



5 Things You Must Remember To Succeed At Anything

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We all have different goals in our lives. They depend on your age, career, and characteristics, but they all have something in common. We want to achieve them as effectively as possible, and there are some things we must remember to do so.

Your goals can be anything. Maybe you want to be in great physical shape. Maybe you want to build a successful business around your passion. Or maybe you just want to nail it in your next job or studies.

Whatever your goals are, some universal principles help you to succeed in anything you do. These five principles are something that you can start implementing today and use to achieve any goal you have.

1. Take massive action

Many people get stuck dreaming and planning their every single move without ever taking action on anything. If you want to be successful, you’ll have to put in hours of work to learn, repeat and eventually master your craft.

Yes, planning and thinking are easier but doing that gets you nowhere. It may feel tempting to plan another detail instead of executing, but action is what gets you the results.

Planning your routine in the gym is good, but lifting those weights gets you the results. Outlining your essay may be necessary, but you’ll have to write it eventually. If you want to succeed, you’ll have to take massive, consistent action.

2. Growth mindset

A growth mindset is something that every human should have but many don’t. Instead, they’re taught to have a fixed mindset that ruins their chances to succeed.

If you’re not familiar with these concepts, that’s OK. A person with a fixed mindset thinks that their current capabilities are their limits, and they should only focus on things they’re already good at. Therefore they give up easily and take mistakes personally.

A growth mindset, however, gives you the ability to improve. A person with a growth mindset considers failure a great teacher that eventually leads to success. They think that they can achieve anything by taking action on it, learning from experience, and eventually succeeding.

Rather than taking mistakes personally, they use them to improve until they achieve their wildest dreams. A growth mindset allows you to pursue any goal until you reach it. That’s why it’s so important if you want to succeed.

Succeed At Anything

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3. Have a clear plan

Many people waste too much time on irrelevant things when pursuing success. This is because the path isn’t always clear. You may know exactly what you want to have but don’t know the exact action steps to get it. Many people don’t even know their goals exactly. They just know some general aspects of their goals.

If you want to decrease the required time and effort to succeed, you’ll have to seek clarity. Have a clear vision of what you want and what action you need to take to get there. Finding a mentor who’s been in a similar situation that you is a great idea because they can provide you valuable insights based on mistakes that they’ve done.

If you feel overwhelmed, consider taking a deep breath and seeking clarity. What is your goal? Be precise. Then figure out the relevant action steps and discard anything irrelevant.

By doing this you’ll stop wasting time and effort on things that only bring you small results and start working on things that have the biggest impact.

4. Work smart, not hard

We all probably know what working hard means but don’t necessarily know what working smart is about. There are several aspects of working smart but the most important ones are pretty simple, yet challenging to execute.

Instead of working 14 hours per day, burning yourself out, and neglecting your social life, focus on quality over quantity. Schedule your work on time when you’re most productive. This may be right in the morning when you’ve had a good sleep and you’ve eaten a healthy breakfast.

Focus on proper recovery and nutrition so you can have deep, undistracted work when working. Get rid of the distractions and channel your focus on relevant things that bring you the most results. This is how you can achieve tons of things in a shorter time and actually enjoy working.

Working smart is a broad topic, but these tips can help you tremendously:

  • Have enough sleep, proper nutrition, and exercise
  • Schedule your work on hours when you’re productive and get rid of distractions.
  • Have a clear plan and focus on relevant things
  • Remember to take breaks and reward yourself

I mean, would you rather work 10 hours per day, burning yourself out and hating it? Or would you schedule your work, enjoy it, maintain a social life, and achieve the same in just five?

5. Consistency

Let’s do some math. 1 to the power of 365 is 1, but 1.01 to the power of 365 is almost 38. This means that if you improve yourself by 1% every day for one year, you’ll gain unbelievable results with quite a small effort.

This gives you the foundation on why consistency is so powerful. See, when you commit yourself to small daily improvements on whatever you’re doing, those small improvements add up to huge results over time.

This is probably the most powerful way to succeed in anything. All you have to do is to build a habit of consistent action and have a little patience. And if you combine this with the previous tips, you’ll become unstoppable.


There you have it. Five things that will help you to succeed in anything you do. These tips are something that I’ve found useful with my goals and I believe they will also help you tremendously.

With this said, I hope you found this article valuable. Good luck with your goals!

Veikko Arvonen is a blogger with a burning passion for self-development. He's the author of his blog Maxed Out 20s, where he shares how he turned himself from an insecure, heartbroken teenager to a confident, ambitious blogger with a plan to become a successful online entrepreneur. With years of experience, he wants to help you to become happier, more confident, attractive, and respected by sharing everything he has learned during his journey. Be sure to check out his blog and get your free ebook about building confidence!

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