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5+ Retro Attires that Must be a Part of Your Elegant Wardrobe



Retro Attires that Must be a Part of Your Elegant Wardrobe

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Who doesn’t want to look trendy and cool while going for a coffee date or while joining the friends for a casual outing? No matter the men or women, this is a deep wish of every single individual to look sensual yet stylish enough to steal the limelight of the crowd.

The solid wardrobe essentials are a forever need of an individual to look classy and sassy in his own way! However, I understand this feeling of not being geared up with fashion and style and this may hold you back from attending casual gatherings with friends.

Hear me out! The fashion styles are constantly evolving and there are certain trends that could appear over and over again. You must have witnessed them on the runways and one the streets. Fashion and styles are the only things that keep on repeating themselves and every individual want to keep up with it!

Fashion and classy styling – a perfect combo of being timeless and elegant

Do you have a B3 bomber jacket at home? Doesn’t that look like a very antique yet attractive piece of garb in the wardrobe? This is because the bomber jackets are always elegant yet classy. Men or women, this attractive and timeless piece of clothing can make you look instantly hot and can uplift your personality within seconds.

If you haven’t given a second thought to your clothing and styling sense then this is the high time when you must upgrade your wardrobe.

The person with a top fashion sense and classy styles in his clothing choice is always confident and undoubtedly, the center of attention as well. I believe, people must have felt way so confusing here that what they should wear to look cool and elegant at the same time.

5+ retro attires that must be a part of your elegant wardrobe

Maybe this is the time for you to transform your style and to add bit sophistication and class into your daily routine outfits! Obviously, having an elegant wardrobe is everyone’s dream and for this you may have to clean out your wardrobe or would have to start to from the scratch.

Don’t you want to step up your rotation of casual wears?

If that’s the case, then you are at the right place. I understand your confusion well and would be sharing some timeless, vintage, and retro attires that are must haves for your elegant wardrobe.

I have carried out a list of 15 breathtaking and striking retro attires that must be a part of your graceful closet. Let’s dive in and find your perfect retro attire. We will have a look at the retro attires of women and men respectively.


Jeans and shirt with a band

Women can carry the retro style clothing with the help of jeans and shirt. Tucking your shirt in the bell bottom style pants will not only make you look good but will instantly elevate your personality. The tucked in shirt could be of any bold color or prints and must be paired up with the white or blue jeans.

You can also wear a band or the scarf on your hair to make it look completely like the fashion of 60s. Mark my words, this retro fashion is to die for and you would be able to steal all the limelight.

Polka dot mini dress

Girls are highly recommended to wear the polka dot mini dress. Also, these types of dresses can be paired up with authentic navy peacoat and they will surely become the center of attention. Make sure that you choose bold colors for the polka dot dress.

Polka dots dresses always look pretty and pretty traditional as well. They are a complete reflection of early 70s and can make you look pretty gorgeous instantly.

Check shirt dress

Do you have a check shirt at home? If you do have that then this is the high time to utilize that check shirt in stealing the spotlight. Pair it up with the jeans or the denim short or you can even go with the mini skirt as well accompanied with bold color check shirt.

Trust me, this combo is going to turn the heads towards you. Gearing and uplifting your looks and making you look sensual, a check shirt with a mini skirt can never take your wrong then! Isn’t this all you could ever ask for?

Oversized jacket

Looking for some fancy ideas for vintage and gothic look? Go with the option of wearing oversized jacket. This could be any type of the jacket, from bomber to trucker, shearling or even denim, just make sure that the jacket is oversized and you can flaunt your inner fit clothing like a boss.

This look of the retro styling of clothes is highly recommended for the girls who are always confused while going to the coffee date and the friends’ gathering. Try out this baggy jacket combo with your knee high boots and get ready to get all the eyes and lights.

Knee-length skirt with floral top

Talking about retro but not talking about the elegant knee-length skirts, how this could be possible even? The knee-length puffed skirts are definitely not only trendy but also very cool to wear. You suddenly start looking cute and pretty gorgeous in this retro attire.

Pair this comfortable and trendy skirt with the floral and trendy colorful top. This would make you look lovely and lively as well. Also, this style of dressing is so in nowadays and girls used to wear them in theme events.

Monochromatic vintage ensemble

Almost all the women love to wear black and white in formal and non-formal events. Both the colors are highly recommended to all the women if they want to look classy and sassy at the same time.

The polka dot outfit in black and white color also look so adorable on women. To gear up with the retro style clothing, women can wear this monochromatic vintage outfit like a boss.


Suspenders with printed shirts

When it comes to the retro clothing of men, there is a huge variety out there and men can put on any style of retro attires and can look devilishly handsome. If you are going for a semi-formal event then go with the printed shirts because they look pretty and trendy.

You can try any print and can wear it with simple suspenders as well to give your shirt and style a complete retro look. This look is highly recommended to look elegant and stylish.

Polka dotted shirts for boys

Boys are highly advised to wear the polka dot shirts with the denim jeans to give out the vibes of complete retro looks. Whenever anyone would say retro, you will just get the vibes of polka dots at the very first.

Let’s incorporate this stylish retro fashion in your wardrobe to look simply sensual and breathtaking guy in whole town. Shirts and pants along with polka dot ties are also available.

Stiff collar upper

Are you looking for some other option in retro apart from the style of clothing? I have got you an idea, get your cotton jacket or upper and carry it over your shirt or cardigan. What you have to do is very easy now!

Wear a fitted round-neck shirt beneath the collared jacket or cotton shirt and raise up the collar. Hands down and voila! You will give out classic retro look without putting in any extra efforts.

Bell bottom style pants

Want to get a vintage and extremely cool look? Then this is the high time to get rid of the slim fit pants and to buy some cool bell bottom and flared pants. This style of pants will bring you an incredible retro look effortlessly.

Also, these bell bottom style pants looks and feel so comfy. With the tucked in shirts and a coat above them, they will work amazing for all the events.

Bow tie with a coat

For any formal event, the bow tie with a casual button down shirt look simply phenomenal. You can add a touch of formal side into the retro style just like a boss. This is the type of outfit that would instantly make you look elegant.

No matter if it is a professional meeting or the graduation dinner, a bow tie with a two piece suit and button down shirt work simply wonders.

Prints and patters for vintage look

Who doesn’t want to look cute yet sensual in the retro style clothing? If you still feel confuse then go with the print and pattern style buttoned shirts and loose pants. Make sure that the color is pretty attractive and subtle.

You can carry this retro style look on a picnic with your friends and trust me, every girl would have her eyes on you!


With the help of this detailed guide, you would surely be able to get the idea for your retro clothing and styles. If you want to be the center of charm and attention in any retro theme gathering, these attires are must to have in your wardrobe so you could choose your best ones!

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