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5 Reasons to Use a Background Check Site



5 Reasons to Use a Background Check Site

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You have a new roommate, or maybe you just met up with an old friend, or you are looking to vet new employees that have just joined your company. One of the best ways to avoid fraud and ensure your safety and that of your employees is to perform a background check. By carrying out proper background checks, you can ensure good quality hires always, reduce losses and avoid negative publicity which can arise from recruiting an employee with the bad press to represent your brand.

To accumulate all the information, you need about this new acquaintance, you will need to work with a background check service. Background check services are a convenient and fast way to collect all the information you need about a person, property, or vehicle.

While Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn can give you basic information about an individual’s career, social life, and education, background check sites will provide more than just the basics. Background check sites such as TruthFinder can even provide information that has leaked on the dark web.

Here are five reasons why you need to use a background check site

1. Background Check Sites Promote Workplace Safety

If you are an employer, you understand that workplace safety is paramount to any workplace. In fields such as medical, engineering, transport, and education where trust is very critical, it is especially important to carry out extensive background checks for employees who will handle confidential information or perform sensitive tasks.

Working with a background specialist service will ensure that you get correct information that aligns with the potential candidate and candidates with missing information can be investigated as soon as possible. In February 2022, Ethoz group, a car rental firm in Singapore suffered a blow when explicit emails and messages of female job applicants were leaked on social media. Though the incident was unfortunate, a thorough background check using a reputable background check service could have weeded off such employees because probably they had demonstrated bad behavior in their employment history.

2. Background Check Sites Will Help You Stay Away from Individuals with Criminal Records

Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that your roommate with whom you have lived for several months is a criminal. Frightening right? But going by the news lately, you realize that times have changed and it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are planning to sublet your space, be sure to use a background check site to check if your roommate has a public criminal record. You should also carry out a credit check to determine if the roommate has unpaid rent arrears from previous landlords.

If you are hiring a new nanny to watch your children, the last thing you need is to bring in an employee with a history of assault or sex offenses. If you are hiring an accountant, you need to employ a candidate who does not have a history of theft. Don’t take candidates at face value. Accepting to live or hire someone based only on a superficial presentation can cost you greatly in the future. Using a background check site is always worth the effort.

3. Reputable Background Check Sites Are Accurate

Reputable background check sites return accurate information. But where do they get this information? Does the information have a human touch? Unlike dubious background check sites that collect information from subscription databases and contests, reputable sites such as TruthFinder will give you access to nonpublic information including state records and criminal history. Background check sites carry out the tedious work involved in screening and getting accurate information about individuals and for a small fee, you can get to know if your new friend, roommate, or employee is really who they say they are.

4. A Reputable Background Check Site Will Help You Avoid Legal Hassles

Legal hassles are expensive. If today, one of your staff members got injured intentionally by a new hire, the staff member can go to court and file a case against your company. If the case is ruled in their favor, you will be required to pay a settlement. This can severely damage your reputation and ruin your operations. To avoid this, make sure that you use background check sites to investigate candidates before you hire them. The process may be taxing and expensive but it will save you from engaging in legal battles in the future which can cost you your reputation and image.

5. Peace of Mind

Applicants from all over the world are trying to get hired. This means that candidates are putting their best foot forward and showing that they are the best even if they have to add a little lie on their resume.

As a hiring manager, using a reputable background check site will help you go beyond the interview façade and bring in the right candidate to your team. Knowing that you successfully recruited suitable candidates can give you peace of mind. After all, you are already sufficiently busy with all the duties and responsibilities to start worrying about a new hire committing a crime.

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