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5 Pieces of Great Outdoor Gear For This Season



5 Pieces of Great Outdoor Gear For This Season

As the glorious colors of fall gradually fade into the stark grays of winter, it’s time once again to head indoors and enjoy the warmth of a fire, the love of family, and everything home has to offer. But for the outdoorsy people out there, merely staying indoors during the wintertime doesn’t make sense. There are plenty of winter activities and journeys that you can do despite the weather. For those fun activities, you’ll need certain types of outdoor gear to keep you warm, safe, cozy, and order free. In this article, we’ll explore five pieces of great outdoor gear that are ideal for this upcoming season. Check it out below.


Backpacks are the ideal gear for any outdoor trek or winter adventure. Getting a strong, durable, and high-capacity backpack can mean the difference between a fun trip and a potential nightmare. When going hiking, it’s also vital to ensure you maximize your backpack’s storage. Don’t waste time and energy searching for your equipment in a poorly designed backpack. Here are a few essentials to pack in your backpack:

  • Food and water
  • Clothing and extra gear (including gloves, hats, and jackets)
  • First aid supplies
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Snacks
  • Multi-tool
  • Batteries

Ensuring your backpack is made of high-quality, antimicrobial material and filling it up properly is the first step to making the most out of your winter activities and fun.


Everyone needs a good jacket during the wintertime. When cold weather strikes and you find yourself shivering, you’ll be glad to have a down jacket or parka around. When searching for a jacket, look for something that’s insulated and will keep you warm for the activity you’re enjoying. Consider getting an antimicrobial jacket as well. Antimicrobial outdoor gear like jackets and gloves are specially made to prevent moisture, remain durable, and tackle any kind of weather. Through a special process, the textiles are reinforced to prevent odor, pilling, and other problems that ruin clothing before its time. Investing in the right kind of jacket can take your activities from rough to rewarding in no time.


When it comes to covering their faces, most people might choose a scarf or ski mask. But a balaclava is a nice alternative to these traditional clothing items. A balaclava covers the face from the nose down, protecting it from the elements. Balaclavas keep you warm and dry during wet weather, are very breathable, and won’t fog your glasses or goggles. If you’re traveling or working during the winter, this can make it so much easier to do things with your face amply protected.

Hunting Gear

Hunting is an integral part of wintertime activity. To get the most out of a hunting trip, you need gear that will last. Durable hunting clothes, hats, and other gear are essential, especially when the weather isn’t sunny and warm. Anti-odor clothing is also crucial to ensuring you can get the most out of your trip without your sweat either giving your position away or making your clothing reek while you’re on a trip. Pilling  – a bunching of clothing that can happen over time – is a side effect of poor textile manufacturing. No pilling means better stability and none of that pilling effect that afflicts some types of clothes. With high-quality antimicrobial hunting gear, you can avoid this problem and enjoy your hunting trip whether it’s snowing, clear, or cloudy outside.


5 Pieces of Great Outdoor Gear

Everyone needs a nice pair of snow boots or shoes capable of handling any terrain. Steel-toe boots are a practical option for any outdoor activities, especially during winter.

Also, when it comes to shoes, you should always go the extra mile and invest in a well-constructed pair. A bad pair of shoes will wear out quickly. Worn-out shoes cause foot pain. Foot pain is bad for your health and will spoil your adventures. So, why deal with it in the first place when a good pair of boots can make everything better? Some employers require steel-toe boots with non-slip tread for a reason: they keep you safe and protected in most situations. The same logic is applicable to your outdoor winter activities. Besides, would you rather be wearing a pair of sneakers while hiking a trail or wading through a foot of snow, or would you rather be wearing some sturdy boots? Better yet, steel-toe boots prevent injuries (from impacts, falling objects, and tripping) and can make your trip more comfortable. Giving your feet a vacation while you enjoy winter activities will make them much more fun, enjoyable, and memorable – without any orthopedic pain.

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