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5 Important Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile App



Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile App

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With each passing day, humanity is moving more and more functions into the digital environment. Smartphones are not just a means of communication but also a way of doing business, buying goods, and getting service. As a result, a mobile app for a startup is becoming a necessity, and in this article, we discuss why this is the case.

Any startup is a beginning. In the early stages of any business, two big questions come along with the organizational stuff:

  • How to increase revenue?
  • How to reduce costs?

Today we’re going to talk about making your business accessible to customers and therefore profitable for you with dedicated software development team. When running your own business, a mobile app can be beneficial.

What Does Business Need an App for

There’s a business, a website, and a landing page, and many aspiring entrepreneurs think they don’t need anything else. But unfortunately, a website can’t hold an audience. You can’t send push notifications from the website. Users may even forget its name.

If a person has downloaded an application, statistically, it either stays for a while or lasts for a long time. Usually, one goes to the website and leaves, probably forgetting its name. The site won’t be able to remind of itself.

Where would a person look for a product first? Especially when there are thousands of competitors to beat in search results.

Technology has stepped forward, and it’s no longer necessary to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop an application. Instead, you can use special builders, significantly reducing costs allowing the business to succeed. The mobile application icon becomes the company’s signpost on the Internet. If you don’t have one, people will simply forget about you.

Major Reasons to Create a Mobile App for Business

5 Important Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile App

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Understand the reason. Define your purpose. What problems can the app resolve for your business? Will you be able to get a return on investment? Development requires money, so you need to think in advance about the return on monetization.

Collect metadata about your customers

By metadata, we mean user data, such as email, phone numbers, age, gender, and any information about your users. It is a grand scheme to gather your audience and then manipulate this information: run ads, sell, etc.

Leveraging user data can improve the user experience. You can track how users utilize the app to fix bugs and improve its performance. Target audience analysis will give you the data to optimize your advertising campaign to show relevant and appropriate ads on any platform. In reality, it looks like if a user viewed or clicked on an advertisement in one app, then that same ad appears somewhere else.

Data needs to be collected to understand the pains and needs of the audience and ultimately sell them a solution.

This data is also used to determine the types of ads users see before and during a video or a game

Gain a competitive edge

In some industries, competition already requires a mobile app. In that case, it is necessary to keep up, for example, in banking, where every top bank has its successful business app, which provides all kinds of operations, from payment services to AI-based chatbots.

If a startup has a chance to be better than its competitors by running a mobile app, it doesn’t have to build all the website functionality. Instead, mobile apps have characteristics that differentiate them from the website and have other features. For example, if a business sells furniture or design, the mobile app can use augmented reality so that customers get an extra look and make a choice in favor of this app.

Master an additional channel of communication

Loyalty programs, discounts, push notifications and whatnot are a way to communicate with customers and also a way to increase loyalty. So make the most of your loyalty system. Don’t forget about the bonuses, and give regular customers cashback to use on their next purchase. That way, you bring them back to you.

Customer chat is a trick that’s not available on the website. Chat with your customers, increase their checks, motivate them to buy, keep track of their cart, take action. An app for your own business is essentially an opportunity to create your social network for your audience. Tell the customer about your product through it.

Increase sales through the mobile channel

It is very relevant to retail startups, although some restaurants have great tips for creating a mobile app for businesses. The mobile app is the best sales channel for online and offline stores of all kinds. Mobile apps work best for selling impulse merchandise, baby products, and services such as delivery, an appointment for a service, booking, etc.

Automate operations

In this case, the mobile app will be a helpful tool for organizational and operational issues, such as logistics or warehousing. You can upload the data of a warehouse, for example, to a mobile app, which synchronizes with the accounting program. It will help to optimize warehouse management and reduce the cost of unnecessary labor, which is no longer required.


Multiple channels have become the key feature of today’s digital environment. Therefore, ensuring an influential presence in those channels that contact potential customers is vital for companies.

Companies see mobile apps as the most potent tools for contacting target audiences from a business perspective. Almost every adult in the world has a smartphone, and this market continues to grow. It is a pretty strong argument for focusing on mobile technology.

Having a mobile app helps a business be on track. Thanks to the new channels, the company can expand, attract new customers, increase the loyalty of existing customers, and gain new opportunities for direct advertising and revenue. Collecting metadata helps perform analytics on customers to improve customer service and user experience, get feedback, build loyalty and engagement. A well-designed and executed business app is a direct path to a solid image. What do you think about it?

Louis Sawyer is a professional writer, editor and a web design expert. She loves writing about technology trends, web development, mobile games and business issues. Also, Louis works as a proofreader at Computools. Follow Louis on Twitter.

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