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5 First Date Outfit Ideas That Can’t Go Wrong



5 First Date Outfit Ideas That Can't Go Wrong

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Creating a first date outfit that simply rocks can be a tad challenging. Basically, you want something that’s relaxed, comfortable and that makes you feel confident. Wearing the wrong outfit can definitely mess up your vibe, so paying extra attention to your clothes and accessories is a must. While the ideal first-date outfit doesn’t really exist – as it is the interpretation our date gives it – there is one rule you should always follow when creating your look, and that is: your outfit shouldn’t stand out more than you do. This doesn’t mean that you need to assess your entire closet when prepping for a first date. Just try out a few options and create your own formula which you can use over and over again.

The Coffee Date

Probably the most popular of them all, the coffee date requires an outfit that is polished but low-key. Think jeans paired with elevated basics. Always choose a pair of fitted jeans that’s flattering to your body type and pair them with a statement top (not your everyday tee). You will most probably be sitting down during your date, so focus your attention on the top part. Keep your make-up minimal, with focus on the eyes and add a pair of earrings that draws attention to your face. Baroque pearls or statement gemstones are perfect for catching the light and giving your outfit a unique appeal, without looking too fussy. As coffee shops are in general more relaxed venues, high heels are not a must. A pair of chic flat sandals or sleek ankle boots would complement your outfit perfectly.

Out for Drinks

This type of date requires a flirty outfit. Try combining an off-the-shoulder or cut-out top that shows just the right amount of skin to keep things interesting and pair it with your favorite darker wash jeans. This combination is perfect for creating a look that is both stylish but comfortable enough to allow you to move around. Heels are a great option as there is a probability that you will be standing by the bar, so your outfit will be visible from head to toe. A pair of ultra-sleek heeled booties would complement your outfit perfectly. Try to avoid wearing a clutch purse if you are going out to drinks, as they tend to be a bit high maintenance, and stay away from ripped jeans or anything with holes or wear marks, as they might make your outfit look cheap. To finish off your look in style, add a pair of long dangle earrings and a few gold bracelets, but skip the necklace as it will take away the attention from the neckline.

The Dinner Date

If your first date is the classic dinner date, you need an outfit that is elegant but not over the top. Try to remember that how you dress is what you want to communicate about yourself, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit, so you don’t end up sending the wrong message. Instead of wearing a revealing mini number, choose a midi dress or little black dress (LBD) that is both comfortable and chic. Avoid floral patterns for the dinner date, as they are more appropriate for a daytime event. Pair your dress with sleek heels and use accessories to elevate your outfit, but keep it simple. Instead of wearing an excessive amount of jewelry, opt for a couple of dainty pieces and place them where you want the focus to be.

Out for Lunch

Going out to lunch on your first date? Create an outfit that is casual but chic. The perfect combination for this type of date would be blouse or relaxed button down, paired with a skirt or a slightly dressier pant than your average jeans. Mid heels work well, as do flats and even sneakers, in case that’s your vibe and you aren’t headed to a posh restaurant. Finish off your easygoing first date look with a few layered necklaces for that extra touch of dazzle. And try to remember, first date outfits are all about first impressions, so try not to go overboard with your look.

The Winter Date

Choosing an outfit for a winter date might be a tad tricky as you need to look good with your jacket both on and off. Keeping your outfits fun and flirty is key on a cold day, so try combining a wardrobe basic – like a fitted top – that shows a little bit of skin, a pair of chic leather pants and platform boots. Add a statement piece of jewelry and finish off the look with a cozy jacket and you’re ready to go. If you opt for a large puffer jacket, try to accessorize your outfit with a statement purse and a bold scarf, to add visual interest to your look.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your look fun and flirty is key when going on a date, no matter where the night (or day) takes you. If you are in a dilemma and don’t know what to choose, try following this one rule when checking out your closets: simple, minimal, and good quality. Try to stay away from majorly ripped jeans or anything with holes or wear marks, as they might make your outfit look cheap. A good top goes a long way and an LBD (that doesn’t need to be black) never goes out of style, so invest in a few pieces which can be worn in many different ways.

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