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5 Benefits of a Weekly Game Night for Your Mental Health



5 Benefits of a Weekly Game Night for Your Mental Health

The non-stop hustle and bustle of day-to-day life can take a negative toll on our mental health. The constant work pressure, responsibilities, and stress are not your friends. They like to drain your brain juices and cause complete burnout. Hence, to neutralize the effect of daily-life pressure, it becomes essential that you take care of yourself in all aspects.

One good way to freshen yourself up and rejuvenate your brain is to have weekly game nights. Now, games of all sorts are welcome here, but games that require physical activity and a group of people work like magic! As children, games used to be a source of entertainment and passing your time. What we did not know was that these games were serving a deeper purpose in the background. Recreational activities keep you physically and mentally healthy.

Are you curious to find out how weekly game nights can benefit you? We understand! That’s why we have listed five benefits of a Weekly Game Night for Your Mental Health. Let’s find out more.

1. Brings You Joy

Firstly, getting together with the people you love and spending quality time doing something you are passionate about will bring you joy. When you are laughing and having fun, your body releases happy chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals will not only make you feel happy in-the-moment, but will have a long-lasting effect. Also, chemicals like oxytocin improve and strengthen your relationship as it creates feelings like trust.

2. Reduces Stress

Games result in a mix of multiple happy emotions and expressions. There’s excitement, laughter, and anticipation. As a result, your body produces endorphins, which is a neurotransmitter that helps reduce stress.

3. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

When you are physically active there is an efficient production of happy chemicals like Serotonin, which helps reduce depression and anxiety. Also, when you play well and spend time with people you love, your self-esteem improves and you feel important. Ultimately, this helps combat anxiety and depression.

4. Keeps You Active

Recreational activities that involve thinking and physical movement keep you active and improvise your cognitive functioning. It eliminates the sense of pressure, but keeps your brain functioning, which boosts your mental health.

Game nights that include physical games like golf night, football night, and street cricket have the most potential to bring your loved ones closer. Not only does everyone work as a team, but also, the preparation (choosing location, getting sports equipment and field accessories, etc.) causes anticipation. Speaking of field accessories, if you opt for any of these games, make sure that you try out yardage markers and other such accessories to lighten up your field. It also adds a sense of festivity, which makes the game nights an even more anticipated part of the week!

5. Improvises Sleep Quality

Stress and work pressure are major factors that affect sleep quality. Hence, resulting in fatigue due to poor sleep quality. In turn, this affects everything including your work and domestic life. Ultimately, taking a huge toll on your mental health.

While some people think sleep pills cause them to sleep better, it is not the case in reality. The pills do not improve your sleep quality. It is crucial that you seek healthy methods to improve sleep quality. Luckily, gaming is one of the many methods. When you feel happy and experience all other benefits listed above, it will help reduce the level of cortisol in your body. Hence, taking the luggage of stress off from your mind.

Also, when you play, the physical movement will cause energy exertion that will tire you out. At the end of the day, you’ll fall asleep faster and wake up energized.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, make sure you take the game nights as a fun thing and not an obligation. If you don’t feel like doing physical activities on a particular weekend, try video games or board games. On the other hand, if you feel too drained out on a specific Saturday, shift the gaming night to Sunday. Enjoy as much as you can, and make sure your inner child stays alive!

Also, if mental health takes a severe toll on you, make sure to seek professional help. You make the world a better place!

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