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4 Ways to Reconnect with your Friends and Family



4 Ways to Reconnect with your Friends and Family

Image by Dim Hou from Pixabay

This era of intense social media has been connecting everyone virtually, yet detaching them in reality. Many people find themselves alone at the end of the day. The platforms that were made to connect people are now full of strange faces. The only interaction left between the loved one is occasional “likes and comments.”

This was already hard on people’s emotional health then hit the pandemic!!

The pandemic has made it even worse for people living alone in different cities far from their loved ones. People who disconnected from friends and family years ago. Be it their work or constant switch of cities, the reason does not matter anymore. The need of the hour is to reconnect with everyone that people got out of touch with while following their paths.

With that thought in mind let’s figure out the best ways to reconnect with friends and soul family.

Start with a Simple Text and Call

Sometimes a simple text can do wonders. No one should wait for others to initiate any conversation. You should keep it simple, always. Do you miss someone? Make a call or just drop a simple text letting them know what reminded you of them.

Take out some time after work and make calls. Talk to your friends, grandparents, or your closest cousins whom you haven’t met in years. It seems the simplest and most obvious method to be suggested, but it is the only task we keep on forgetting. Social isolation brings the loneliest feelings in many people and one call can make your loved one’s day as well as yours.

Bring them all Together

We are all busy with our daily businesses. Everyone thinks about the good times they had with their loved ones but no one ever gets a chance to relive that time. Friends and family are connected over platforms like Facebook but the group chats often remain either silent or filled with random videos.

Maybe this is the sign one should find a more personal and less cluttered alternative to Facebook groups. A platform, a group specifically dedicated to the people closed to heart. There are such platforms that only focus on people and their intimate groups. Initiate a get-together with all the long-lost loved ones and have a much-needed chat.

Understandably, no one has that much time to arrange such parties, that’s why treat it as an opportunity to reconnect with your buddies or close cousins and plan a house event with them. Be the one who acts.

Keep it Up

Often people meet with their close friends and the next day get back to their old routines. This cycle needs to be broken so that we do not look for another way to reconnect with friends. Stay connected with your loved ones in reality and not only on social media.

This is the time you should change your course of action after meeting your friends. Do not disappear into your work and life. Schedule another meeting, call them on weekends, or keep the conversation alive over the texts.

Host a Virtual Game Night

Know someone who is struggling due to social isolation? Can’t meet up with anyone?

Virtual meets and groups chats are not always enough for cheering someone who is struggling with loneliness. Hosting a virtual game night can be a good way to cheer up loved ones. There are so many online cardboard games that can be played with friends and family in real-time.

Another good option is to create a virtual challenge. Ask your family to share the weirdest pictures of one another, for instance, or share your childhood stories that no one knew about. Make these nights that everyone looks forward to.


Anyone who is making an effort to read an article on “reconnecting with loved ones” is already one step closer to them. This is the key to truly reconnecting with anyone. The thought of finding ways, making effort, and initiating the conversation. It is more effective than any other method you read today.

Go ahead, pick up your phone, take the first and toughest step and see how everything else just flows like water.

Remember, once we catch up with our loved ones it is up to us how we stay connected. Keep sharing the laughter and tears as well. Nothing is too small or stupid to share. They are the people who are not waiting for you to become a president, but they will surely enjoy the story of how you almost fell for your new neighbor.

We think we grew up and nothing in life is worth sharing. This might be the influence of overly hyped social media. However, your loved ones are still your old pals and they still enjoy the silly big and small stories. Give it a try, start connecting again, this time in reality.

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