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4 Helpful Tips for Eating Out as a Vegan



Tips for Eating Out as a Vegan

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Being a vegan is much easier than it used to be, but it’s still tough. Eating out can become a headache, especially if you usually go out with people who aren’t vegan. Plus, while there are more vegan restaurants than ever and restaurants are trying their best to offer vegan options, not everyone gets them right. There are also still some restaurants that have no vegan options on their menus. This is why, as a vegan, you will need to plan your evening well in advance and start looking at different options early. Here are a few helpful tips for eating out as a vegan.

Find a Vegan Restaurant Everyone Will Enjoy

You may be used to vegan foods, but, for most people, eating vegan requires a significant adjustment. If you’re going out with a mixed group, ask if they would be okay to go to a vegan restaurant for a change. If you pick a good restaurant, your friends might have a completely new idea of vegan cuisine and will be more open to going to a vegan restaurant next time around.

If you want to find a great vegan restaurant for non-vegans, check out Native Foods which is a vegan restaurant Westwood. They have some of the best vegan burgers in the city and tons of fun appetizers that will please even the biggest carnivores.

Call the Restaurant First

If your friends don’t want to eat at a purely vegan establishment, ask them what restaurant they are intending to go to and call them in advance. Ask what kind of vegan options they have and make sure that they understand the difference between vegan and vegetarian.

Also, ask a few questions about how they prepare foods. They might have vegan options like tempura or French fries, but use beef tallow or duck fat for frying. If the staff seem annoyed and dismissive when you ask these questions, it would be a better idea to not go. They will either tell you what you want to hear or you’ll see they don’t care about vegan clients.

Opt For Cuisines that are Known for Vegan Options

You could also trick your friends into going to a vegan-friendly restaurant just by choosing the right cuisine. Middle Eastern, Turkish, Ethiopian, and Indian cuisines are all vegan-friendly and delicious. It’s still a good idea to call any restaurant first, however, as some may be more vegetarian than vegan in their options and the way they prepare dishes.

Eat In Advance

If you have no choice but to go to a restaurant that has no or limited vegan options, then have a nice hearty meal in advance. Most restaurants will have vegan-friendly entrees and salads, so you’ll still be able to go out with your friends and have fun without compromising your principles.

These are all tips that you can follow to make eating out easier as a vegan. Be ready to be flexible, but don’t be afraid to ask your friends if they will accommodate you and inquire with the restaurant about their products and practices before going.

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